Kevin Thomas

coming out of high school, i was more of a 4-3…over past year and summer….a legit small forward working on perimeter ball handling, extending range, bringing up the ball.

as a freshman, only on that started…wasn’t go to guy…rebounding, defence, block shots….coach wants me to be the go-to guy this year…the leader the catain…role has changed for the good

great talent, quick push the rock, court vision, shoot the rock…

Minnesota, oregon, st bonaventure, marshall, washington state, tennesse

I want to come and make a impact, get back on the map and pursue my dream..where i can best fit, help the team, help myself

Shane Reader

4 Runnymede, Henry Carr 5th…North West College (JUCO) in Wyoming…2 years eligibility – Eastern & Western Michigan during  FHC…

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