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million wrap Raising $3 million over three years toward the new ICU at Royal Inland Hospital took the efforts of big donors and little donors, from near and far. Sure, RIH is in Kamloops but it is also the main hospital for 225,000 people living in outlying communities in the Thompson Cariboo Shuswap region. So support for the RIH Foundation’s three year fundraising campaign flowed in from not only local contributors but from out of town community organizations cheap Michael Kors handbags and businesses. Groups sold books, wood and crafts, flipped burgers and held 50/50 draws. They hosted bake sales, manned countless hours in thrift shops and one business even collected money via a "swear jar" for those who chose to participate in the lighthearted fundraiser. There were big donations like $363,000 from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation out of Edmonton, a long time supporter of the hospital here, $250,000 from the Afternoon Auxiliary to RIH, and $200,000 from Highland Valley Copper. There was the invaluable support of
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