Winnipeg will be the spot for the provinces biggest basketball tournament as the annual Manitoba Magic Invitational Tournament (MMIT) will be taking place at the Dakota Feildhouse, Sport for Life Centre, and St. Paul’s High School from October 5th to the 7th.

Under the leadership of Arsenio De la Cruz the MMIT will be entering its biggest year yet having championships ranging across the grade 5 to 12 divisions for both female and male basketball players.

My goal for this tournament is to create a buzz within our own province as well as our neighboring provinces right down to the northern parts of the US,” explained De la Cruz.

“We would like to see our Season Opener Tournament gain popularity and excitement within the basketball community as the go to tournament in Manitoba.” 

One of the most affirming signs for the MMIT is the exploding trend of registration within the tournaments registration. “Last year we had 70 teams entered,” said De la Cruz.

“This year we are at 105 – things are looking very positive and we hope to continue this trend.”

North Pole Hoops is very excited to make this trip out west and get to know new programs & talent not only from Winnipeg, but around the entire province of Manitoba.

Prior to the festivities, we took the time to get to know programs and players in attendance, to look out for, and the following is what we gathered.

Top Prospects


Team Flex Basketball 2003

  • George Fedorchuk
  • Andrew Bruin
  • Kaelum Wiebe

Manitoba Magic 2005

  • Paul Bocalan

Manitoba Magic 2006

  • Ronin dela Cruz
  • John Mallari

Winnipeg Alliance 2002 Boys

  • Aidan Salmon 
  • Braeden Fernandez 
  • Jherome Delos Reyes

JR Bison 2003

  • Victor Lepa
  • Theo Karahalios
  • Charles Goosen

Winnipeg Hotshots 2005

  • Diego Presingular
  • Travis LeBoutilier
  • Vrisel Manalo

Winnipeg Hotshots 2006

  • Lance Mangaron
  • Dillano Glaud
  • Calvin Lorenzo

Winnipeg Hotshots 2008

  • Kobe Alejo
  • Landon Mangaron
  • Jamiah Babb

CP 2001/2002

  • Lana Shypit
  • Emily Johnson

CP 2002/2003

  • Samantha Onyebuchi
  • Maltha Uwambaymana

Attack Basketball

  • 2007 Girls – Avneet Kainth, Ella Castres, Hanna Buller
  • 2006 Girls – Taya Clark, Madison Schettler, Alyssa De Leon
  • 2004 Girls – Cherissa Tugade, Adra Barnett, Sara Hildebrand
  • 2008 Boys – Joaquin Alvaira, Xavier Hazel, Raphael Capacia
  • 2007 Boys – Mico Guiao, Noah Macalalad, Noah Walker
  • 2006 Boys – Sukhman Brar, Migs Ignacio, Caden Tugade
  • 2005 Boys – Vashon Sharma, Carl Malualan, Harjeevan Brar
  • 2004 Boys – Sean Norico, Jaskaran Brar, Blake Fiddler

2004 Jr. Bison black team

  • Mekhi Lisan
  • Marco Guaring
  • Noah Castres

2001 Gold Triumph Basketball

  • Emmanuel Ugbah
  • Edge Capuno
  • Paul Francisco
  • Hakim Hedoon

2001 Red Triumph Basketball

  • Mohammad Tobail
  • Jobin Grewal
  • Tyson Campbell-Miller

2003 Triumph Basketball

  • James Rae
  • Brayden Longstreet
  • Joshua Shyllon
  • Sam Haufek

2004 Gold Triumph Basketball

  • Simran Saini
  • Rhovic Curatcha
  • Niyi Akinbulumo

2004 Red Triumph Basketball

  • Elijah Mensah
  • Steven Kory
  • Lorence Dela Cruz

Winnipeg Wolves

  • Trevonne Julian
  • Isaiah Cole
  • Dami Farinloye

2004 Manitoba Magic

  • Alyssa Doneza
  • Raia Guinto
  • Cassie Schmidt

2004 Jr. Bison Black

  • Mekhi Lisan
  • Marco Guaring
  • Noah Castres
Nik Zefi

Written by Nik Zefi

Nik Zefi is a @NorthPoleHoops correspondent providing Canadian basketball coverage on the high school, CIS & NCAA levels.


7 thoughts on “Who to Look out For? Manitoba Magic Invitational Tournament

  1. Travis Jensen says:

    FYI, the 2002 Junior Bison Black Team have not lost a game in Canada in years. Missed the boat as a team to watch out for in the tournament.

  2. Tyler North says:

    Yeah I’m watching the best ball handler in town 04 it’s showtime @lorence_dc smartest guy I’ve seen

    1. Coach Zeki says:

      Thank you to this comment so I followed this kid because I love point guards. This tournament was just a season opener so I trust that I can witness the real champions on a big league. Hence I followed the most awaited big Peg City Youth Basketball League. Yes the class 2022/2023 or 2004 division was my favorite! It was an amazing and exciting final game. The crowd was awesome! Big crowd! And this kid #12 lorence with his leadership the whole team secured the Championship Trophy! Congratulations Well deserved!
      Please update lorence profile as I saw peg city website he had triple doubles just wow!

  3. Kevin Reimer says:

    Team to look out for in Manitoba, but not in this tournament is Attack Academy.
    They are a 16U team playing against men (University, College and former players).
    Three players to watch Daren Watts, AJ Connor and Eliot Caron.

  4. Oda says:

    Maybe you should watch the manitoba magic 2001 girls too lots of prospects on that team ! 🏀

  5. Sal says:

    You missed out on the 2005 girls division! Lots of talented players, working hard on both ends of the court

  6. Sal says:

    You missed out on the 2005 girls division! Lots of talented players working hard on both ends of the court

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