The 2018 Junior Toronto Showcase took place this last weekend as top players in the middle school age group from around the GTA competed at Michael Power St. Josephs School in Etobicoke.

Throughout the two days of evaluation there will be new names that have been inputted into the ranking system and overall database as the C/O 2023 begin there high school journey’s this upcoming Septmeber.


Top Prospects List


Team Black Hometown Team White Hometown
Jaiden Cole (C/O 2023) Scarborough, ON (SBA)  Jason Usuomon (C/O 2023) Brampton, ON (CIA Bounce – Appiyah)
 Diego Ramos (C/O 2024) Waterloo, ON (Team Breakdown – Santos)  Jordan Dixon (C/O 2024) Scarborough, ON (Toronto City Elite)
 Adrian Uchidiuno (C/O 2023) Markham, ON (CIA Bounce East)  Lukas Klassen (C/O 2023) Niagara, ON (Niagara Rangers)
Romell Russell (C/O 2024) Scarborough, ON (Triple Balance) Anthony Wrzeszcz (C/O 2023) Mississauga, ON (Canada Elite)
 Luke Trojanowski (C/O 2023) Brampton, ON (CIA Bounce – Appiyah)  Stephen Osei (C/O 2024) Scarborough, ON (CK United)
Nathan Spaulding (C/O 2024) Scarborough, ON (Toronto City Elite) Tevin Murray-Ferguson (C/O 2024) Brampton, ON (Team Breakdown – Santos)
 Jayden Castada-Mandani (C/O 2024) Brampton, ON (Team Breakdown – Santos)  Pharaoh Nation (C/O 2024) Toronto, ON (Triple Threat/CIA Bounce)
 Ross Emokpae (C/O 2024) Mississauga, ON (Llevell Up)  D’Andre Ormsby (C/O 2023) Toronto, ON (Canada Elite)
Anderson Cummins (C/O 2024) Oshawa, ON (Triple Balance/Canada Elite)  David Popa (C/O 2024) Richmond Hill, ON (IEM)
 Jevon John (C/O 2023) North York, ON (NuStep) Sina Ayerman (C/O 2023) Markham, ON (Gators)


Showcase MVP C/O 2023 Jaiden Cole was a terror all camp long as the 6 foot 2 inch Scarborough Native displayed his full arsenal throughout the two day camp. With a consistent three point jumper, and good on ball dribbling package, Cole was able to navigate to where he wanted to on the floor. Jaiden also showed off his above the rim game, throwing down a few viscous slams in transition. As he continues to work on his defence and fighting through contact on the perimeter, Cole’s stock will continue to rise.

C/O 2023 Anthony Wrzeszcz is a certified sniper and made multiple different shots from everywhere on the court. Whether is was off a one dribble pull up, combo crossover package, or spot up shot, Wrzeszcz’s jumper is a ting of beauty. Anthony also spoon fed a ton of players in the paint as he was able to get by his defender and use his IQ to see the play before it happen. The next steps for Wrzeszcz is increasing his defensive play, and foot speed. With that being said it also looks like Anthony is ready to shoot up in height this upcoming season.

C/O 2023 Adrian Uchidiuno

C/O 2023 Adrian Uchidiuno earned the nickname “the hunter” through the showcase as his competitive drive, fire and focus on both ends making him a matchup nightmare. Standing at 5 foot 10 inches, Uchidiuno’s wingspan was well over 6 foot 5 as he look like he could tie his shoes without bending over. Uchidiuno’s finishing around the rim was very impressive and as he continues to work on his jumper this lefty will be a problem for years to come.  

For the C/O 2024, Stephen Osei took the camp by storm as the 6 foot 5 inch CK United player was very impressive. Despite only playing basketball for 4 months prior to the showcase, Osei’s mobility and defensive awareness were impressive. Stephen has a knack of getting to the ball – first. He also makes himself big in the paint, and makes sure to contest and change shots, not necessarily block them keeping himself out of foul trouble. As he completes his first year of organized basketball, Osei will be a beast moving forward.

Nik Zefi

Written by Nik Zefi

Nik Zefi is a @NorthPoleHoops correspondent providing Canadian basketball coverage on the high school, CIS & NCAA levels.


3 thoughts on “Jaiden Cole Named Junior Toronto NPH Showcase MVP

  1. CBF says:

    Thanks as always Nik, nice write up.

    I’d be curious to know what’s your take on two 2024 players — Diego Ramos and Jordan Dixon. Both impressed me quite a bit when I watched them before. How did they do in this showcase?

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      Ramos has gotten bigger and longer body wise and was active all camp long, while Dixon was a terror with the ball in his hands, kids got some moves!

      1. CBF says:

        Tnx! Appreciate it. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy your reports on these youngsters. Very professional, with a positive take and an eye for the future.

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