Micaëlla Riché has completed an illustrious career in basketball and is ready to take the next step in her evolution. Her mission now is to empower young Canadian women to excel at life through basketball.


Student-Athlete – Ecole Secondaire Publique Louis Riel, Ottawa, ON.

Student-Athlete – University of Minnesota – 2010-2014

Graduate Assistant – Kansas State University – 2014-2016

Coordinator of Recruiting Operations – Kansas State University – 2016-2017

Professional Athlete – Greece 2017-2018

National Women’s Basketball Scout – NPH

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2 thoughts on “NPH Women’s National Scout Announced – Micaëlla Riché At The Helm

  1. Gerard Brand says:

    Good morning I am the head basketball coach at Ambrose University in Calgary Alberta. We are a small Christian university offering full degrees. We are a part of the ccaa playing acac basketball. I would like to recieve any details you have on potential recruits. I have scholarship funds and would love to be on your list.

  2. Brown says:

    thanks for your post the video was good.

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