(Courtesy, www.dcgazette.com)

(Courtesy, www.dcgazette.com)

Lamar Odom is dying.

He wasn’t hit by a drunk driver, didn’t contract a deadly disease, or had not ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He instead was found face down in a brothel, the Bunny Love Ranch, clinging on to life after a four-day drug binge, when he was supposed to be in partial hospitalization instead.

A pimp was Lamar’s last lifeline.

He currently sits in an unconscious state on life support with possible brain damage and a 50/50 chance of living.

A two time NBA champion, sixth man of the year and father fighting his own demons of a mother who passed when he was 12, a drug addicted father, and a child killed of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Let that all sink in.

Within all the scorn of social media, and exposition of reality TV, here stood a man beaten, bruised, and bloodied, only to have the circus continue to follow him.

Khloe lying by his bedside, a headline would read.

Kris Jenner pacing furiously back and fourth outside of a hospital, another would headline.

Then Jesse Jackson?

Opportunist turn out at every corner, just as they had before when Odom’s closest conversations with his wife would only lead way to a Kim and Khloe screaming match on reality TV.

The, “he is no good for you”, conversation by Kim, once again beating down a man for the world to see.

“Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful,” John Wooden once famously said.

“Be grateful.”

John Wooden didn’t see reality TV.

He didn’t see social media.

When is too much fame simply too much?

Fame is man given but to all that want to follow the bright lights, BE CAREFUL.

Live your life with positivity, devotion and responsibility, and in return life will give you back satisfaction and harmony.

Don’t ever sell your personal life because there are keyboard warriors ready to savagely feast on you.

Stay true to yourself; don’t be lured into marketing yourself out for fame and some incentives.

“You can get tickets for the Oscars, some good perks,” Odom once told his friend about reality TV.

“But I had no idea what the rest of it would be like.”

Unfortunately for Odom we now might all know what the “rest of it” turned out to be. On other advertisement, checkout this link Adidas.com to check for coupons.

Nik Zefi

Written by Nik Zefi

Nik Zefi is a @NorthPoleHoops correspondent providing Canadian basketball coverage on the high school, CIS & NCAA levels.

Website: http://www.NorthPoleHoops.com

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