2018 Best Available Big

Fardaws Aimaq | 2018 | 6’10 | 245lbs | C/PF | MM+

His ability to stretch the floor makes him a major asset. Terrific feel and vision to pass from anywhere on the floor. Doesn’t have the personnel around him to get the entry pass often enough. Very mobile and does a good job establishing rebounding position and moving off the ball to make himself an option.

Offers: Pepperdine, Radford, Mercer, Simon Fraser,

Ridley College

Jaden Bediako | 2019 | 6’10 | 220lbs | C | HM-

Starting to pop out more often off the screen and able to connect from mid-range at different angles. Better use of pump fake and up and under to get himself to the line. Develop some nastiness and getting rougher using his strength in the paint. Not an explosive player but has a soft touch around the hoop.


Malcolm Bailey | 2019 | 6’8 | 200lbs | PF | LM-MM

Maximizes on use of length defensively, sits in a low stance and stretches out, taking away angles for penetration. Connecting on pull up from mid-range. Late bloomer, still coming out of his shell, asserting himself more offensively, gaining confidence.

Anthony Daudu | 2019 | 6’7 | 187lbs | PF | USports HM/NCAA LM

Bouncy quick second jump, long reach gets his hands in passing lanes and in the way of cross court passes. Strong rebounder. Limited off the dribble, primarily a defensive asset. Loose handle, low skill set with ball in hand. Decent shooter from a standstill as spot up.

Charles Bediako | 2020 | 6’10 | C | NCAA HM

Miken drill is paying off for the young buck. Has spent a lot of time getting up reps and has developed a soft touch around the rim finishing from different angles. Lacks physical strength but makes up for it with his long, active arms. Averaged 3 blocks per game and alters many others. Next true evaluation will come at National team camp as they prepare for the U17 Worlds.

Noah Wharton | 2019 | 5’10 | 150lbs | PG | IVY grades, IVY level

Good use of speed in transition, in-out crossover to misguide defender. In transition Wharton quickly assessing spacing and goes right down the middle. Very high IQ and ability to read the next move. Puts his teammates in scoring position with a target pass right on the money before the defense gets in positon.


Orangeville Prep

Ignas Brazdeikis | 2018 | 6’7 | SF | Michigan Commit

Had a rough, sluggish offensive game, wasn’t himself yet still managed to finish with 29pts, 6 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks. Did not have the legs under his shot, mostly front rim and even shot an air ball. When the shot wasn’t falling, went to the paint and took advantage of his size, bodying defenders deep into the paint.

Keshaun Saunders | 2018 | 6’5 | 185lbs | SG

Blow by ability being used more often on close out once defenders recognize that he could knock it down. Creates his own shot with cradle crossover and step backs. Once he gets around the rim uses a scoop to finish too often getting blocked. Needs to use his speed and athleticism more on the defensive end, not maximizing in this area.

Offers: Iona, Toledo, James Madison, Utah Valley, Canisius, Northern Arizona, New Mexico, St. Bonaventure

Junior Farquhar | 2018 | 6’2 | 170lbs | PG | MM-HM

Coming back from a torn ACL having his minutes managed. Says he’s at about 85% health and headed toward 100% by March. There’s a little bit of a psychological block as he regains confidence in his knee to return to playing at the speed and heights he used to play at. Uses in and out crossover to lose his man and start penetration, draws defenders and scoop pass or drop off.

Offers: SMU, Tulsa, Western Kentucky

Shemar Rathan-Mayes | 2018 | 5’11 | PG | MM-HM

Playing like a caged lion right now. Senior guard Junior Farquhar plays the major minutes at PG but when Shemar checks in, he is always ready and plays locked in, and feisty the whole way through games. High IQ PG that can execute in fast pace transition and execute in the half court by orchestrating the offense.

Athlete Institute

Luguentz Dort | 2018 | 6’5 | 210lbs | Combo Guard | Arizona State Commit

Intagibles keep improving. For as good as he is compared to his teammates, he carries himself with a humble approach, very positive mentality even at their mistakes.

Shooting is streaky. I’ve seen him shoot at 45% from 3pt line and then in other games 20%. No question about what he can do getting to the rim and finishing through contact above the rim. Next level ready body and athleticism. Skills don’t all translate to next level as he will need to become a better passer to play a true combo role or even a point guard at the NBA level.


Keeshawn Barthelemy | 2020 | 6’2 | 165lbs | SG

Can switch gears and change direction in transition, really good speed going downhill. Supremely athletic with an over 40 inch vertical. Unproven jumper, he doesn’t trust it and will pass up on open looks sometimes, needs more reps

Maturing mentally. Learning how to lead and play point, gets frustrated very easily with calls from the referees or teammates not cutting when he needs them to.

Offers: Arizona St., High Point

Jevonnie Scott | 2019 | 6’7 | 220lbs | SF

Strong drive right, hesitant to switch back to his right. Tough time changing direction. Strong ball handler on one side that can create his own offense and attack when he sees gaps in the defense, explosive finisher around the rim.

Offers: Arizona

Ben Hendricks | 2019 | 6’10 | 210lbs | C | NCAA MM+

Good sense of his identity, doesn’t try to do things outside of his skill set. Gets loose on the back door cut, gets up for alley-oop. When he catches in the paint uses a strong pump fake to sell the shot and get defense to leave their feet. Over 70% free throw shooting over last 5 games.

 Offers: High Point

TRC Academy

Adong Makoui | 2018 | 6’8 | 190lbs | C | MM

Adong has natural tools that allow him be an immediate impact at the next level on the defensive side, blocks and alters a lot of shots, playing bigger than he is. Gets up and down like a gazelle, very well-conditioned. Offensively best used in pick and roll to finish with dunks. Fit is important for a prospect like this. He understands who he is and what he can provide, plays within his element.

Offers: Canisius, Niagara

Antoine Vernon | 2018 | 6’0 | 162lbs | PG | NCAA LM/ USports HM

High IQ, knock down shooter, facilitates well coming off of screens, good vision and court sense. Needs to work on lateral speed in order to limit getting blown by. Lacks burst and athleticism, no verticality.

Offers: McGill

Matt Grace | 2018 | 6’8 | 192lbs | PF | USports HM, NCAA LM

Versatile skill set with a low post game and an outside shot. More skill than athleticism. Makes the mid range from around the high post with consistency. Doesn’t always play aggressive, levels of assertiveness changes/fluctuates. Lacks passion by the possession.

Thetford Academy

Quincy Guerrier | 2019 | 6’7 | SG | HM+

Shooting is his premium, over 43% (11/25) in game in last 5 outings that I’ve seen him. Guys are bouncing off him as he has added strength and muscle mass to his frame. Able to absorb and finish through contact. More explosive in his finishes and first step.

Intel on his schooling situation tells us that he will have all of his credits by the end of first semester. Meaning, he plans to be committed and at a university for second semester of next season, red shirting and playing his first season in 2019-2020.

Wilfried Balata | 2018 | 6’4 | SG | MM

Slashing skills, blow by and first step. Has a strong frame to take hits and get continuation finishes. In last 10 games has not shown any signs of being a consistent shooter. One thing he is consistent in is his defensive presence on ball.

Laoui Msambya | 2019 | 6’0 | PG | LM-MM

Changes speed and direction, excellent vision and passing ability. Sees wholes in the defense and attacks, uses floater, good feel for the finish.

Elias Sbiet

Written by Elias Sbiet

Elias is the National Recruiting Analyst at NPH, keeping you up to date with Canadian basketball news on Canada's top prospects. You will find Elias at events across North America providing coverage and evaluating talent. He has been involved in the game as a scout, servicing NCAA, CIS and NBA teams for nearly a decade.

Website: http://www.twitter.com/Elias_NPH

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