In the Canadian 2020 National Player Rankings, the number one spot belongs to Australia.

Each month, new prospects present themselves and end up being added to the national database for further evaluation. Undoubtedly, there will be considerable movement in the coming months and years, yet the cream will always rise to the top.

For the longest time, Addison Patterson and Cashius McNeilly have held the top spots in the Canadian 2020 class, as initially identified by NPH Junior National Scout Nik Zefi.

The number one spot in the past was highly debated and often a topic of discussion. It took a foreigner to jump in the mix, to take the top spot, with the arrival of Makur Maker into Canada via Australia.

Makur Maker, cousin of Thon Maker (Milwaukee Bucks) suits up in Canada for Mississauga Prep. The 6’11 forward has the eyes and ears of executives and scouts at the NBA level, and for good reason.

Like Thon Maker, Makur is originally from Australia, briefly attended school in America (Chaminade, California) prior to crossing the border to the North.

Makers’ Coach Ed Smith believes he could end up surpassing Thon’s development in the long run.

This season will be an important one in Makur’s development, as he does have interesting physicals that make him unique.

So where does that put the aforementioned Canadians?

They are still at the top, but with others climbing towards them quickly.

2020 Top of The Class

At the shooting guard position, to date, there is no one as proven as 6’7 Addison Patterson from Milton, Ontario.

The Jordan Brand Classic MVP possesses a wiry frame, is a ferocious competitor, and has a scoring arsenal with a developing mental game. Patterson is an offensive weapon at all times.

When the defense matches the offense, Patterson’s value on the floor is going to be sky high.

At such a young age he already holds offers from Arizona State, Oregon and Florida.

To date, it seems clear cut that Cashius McNeilly is the best point guard in this class. McNeilly has been an elite play maker competing at age groups three years ahead.

This smooth operator brings court sense, IQ, athleticism and skill set, while producing in all environments (club, national team, Prep).

McNeilly is currently being pursued by Virginia Tech, Maryland, St Bonaventure and Georgia Tech to name a few.

That said, he has competition on his heels.

Lately, there have been prospects who have challenged this notion of the top 2020 Canadian PG.

Take Okay Djamgouz as an example, a 6’4 combo guard from Oakvile, Ontario, currently transitioning positions, with the mindset like none we have seen in his class. History has shown us, that prospects with similar mental game (Jamal Murray, Rowan Barrett Jr, Nickeil Alexander-Walker) will typically rise to the top, yet Djamgouz still has to prove that he can produce at the highest of levels.

The “Turkish Delight,” as Jr Scout Nik Zefi previously referred to him, opened his prep career, registering 30 points against older competition in the NPA on 6/8 from behind the arch–a sign of things to come this season.

With similar length to McNeilly and a highly efficient three point shot, he’s one of those players who has mounted his way up to be considered a Top 5 prospect in this class.

What separates Djamgouz from others in this class, is his relentless pursuit of excellence in his craft, his self accountability; getting up every morning and making his way to the gym for 6:30 am.

Whether its on the court or in the classroom, he excels in all environments.

He is coming off of unofficial visits at FIU, Princeton, Fordham and Columbia, while heavily being pursued by Ivy League and high academic programs, as a 94% student-athlete.

Joshua Hemmings

Players in the class are building their reputations and showing whether or not they can consistently perform at a high level.

There’s production, potential and consistency. For ages, these have been the testaments that separate the great from the good.

Joshua Hemmings‘ potential is gradually being maximized. Hemmings is getting comfortable in his tall and long frame. He’ll put it all together this season at Oak Hill.

Oak Hill is a powerhouse program in the United States–some Oak Hill notables are Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith.

It will be a testy schedule for Oak Hill and Hemmings, but that is exactly what the next evaluation will need.

This a top heavy class and Hemmings is another one of those prospects that could end up taking a higher position. He sees the floor from a higher position with the ball in his hands standing at 6’8.

As a play maker off the bounce, he can get his own and has the vision to connect with teammates on the move. There’s a good chance that he may have another inch or two of growing as well. Serious upside.

Hemmings holds NCAA offers from Cincinatti, Georgia Tech, Tulane, UCLA and USC already on the table.

The 2020 class is still being populated and as new player profiles are added to the NPH National database, there will again be fluctuation in prospect position in the Top 100.

Makur Maker is solid at the number one spot as of now, and the Top 5 as a whole are building strong resumes and will continue to do so this season.

Incline Position

Montreal’s Tre-Vaughn Minott is on the outside looking in. We are looking for him to prove himself against NPA competition before he makes another move up the charts.

One thing that’s for sure is that he is ahead of schedule in many regards, compared to other bigs in the class. In addition, his physicals, athleticism and coordination project that he still has a lot of untapped potential.

Coleman Stucke and Luka Sakota, are two names that have produced and brought consistency over the years.

Stuke has a torch on him that he can let off from three and plays extremely tough. With an added handle he could be a serious threat.

Sakota does a lot of the spoon feeding on King’s Christian as he can see over the defense in most cases and has excelled athletically. With great size for the point guard position at 6’4, he is sure to be impact this season. We are very high on Sakota and feel he will continue to excel at the highest levels for years to come.

You probably have not heard the names, or may not be familiar with the likes of Matteus Case, Bryant Selebangue or Ben Datro; yet these guys, and a long list after them are on the come up.

There’s still a lot to learn about this class, but here are the Top 5 Canadian prospects, as we see it.





Editorial Staff

Written by Editorial Staff

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38 thoughts on “Top 5 North Pole Hoops National Player Rankings – #1 in 2020 Belongs to Australia

  1. Coach says:

    Hmmm not to sure about Okay at 5. Saw him play last year with Loyola good shooter but I definitely would not put him over a player like Shemar Rathmin-Mayes, or Matthew Alexander-Moncriefe. Will a top 25 be released like the 2018 class? Interested to see where players like Taryn Todd, Kobe Antwi, Luka Sakota, Malachi Ndur, Joshua Morgan, and Jordan Andall rank!

  2. M says:

    Love Okay’s game but not sure about him at 5th. He’s a great shooter but so are others. I would say he is around top 20 but not quite Top 5. Others are also a bit more athletic. He has tremendous work ethic but the others can do a little bit more. Would love to see him succeed just my personal opinion, I don’t think he is Top 5 yet.

    1. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

      Thank you for commenting. I agree with you on the shooting, he’s not only a great shooter, he’s a specialist. He’s the most efficient player in this entire class. Athleticism is rising gradually as his body matures and he is transitioning to the PG position. The work ethic part you mentioned is the part comparable to what we had seen with Jamal Murray.

      1. M says:

        I see what you are saying, but as a coach i feel like you placed a lot of players lower than this kid that are better AT THE MOMENT, who knows maybe okay will improve but for the time being I don’t believe he is better than the others. They all have tremendous work ethic to get to this point and to be mentioned. Okay may be a specialist but i believe players like coleman and luka are just as good at shooting if not better and they are more athletic.

  3. W says:

    Well done Okay!

  4. Fake News says:

    Who ever came up with ranking the #5 2020 kid. How do you explain ranking a kid #5 that has attended Canada Basketball ID camps in the past and was not selected to the top 25 kids or considered a national level prospect. How do you explain the kid playing on CJE, Longhorns, and ISBA that he backed up Prentice at times, and backed up Shemar, Persad and Sakoda. Lighting it up on a weak highschool team and weak LBA prep team against weak competition hardly justifies top 5 national ranking. Disservice to this website, this kid and the 10 to 15 kids more deserving.

    Blasphemy ranking this kid ahead of Shemar a true point guard and using this kids name in the same sentence with Murray, Barrett without earning it.

    Unofficial visits. Any player in north america can take unofficial visits.

    Fake news.

  5. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

    Love your passion on this subject but there is a lot of facts omitted here that have to be considered.

    The National team is well aware of who Okay. I watched CJE on multiple occasions and in some games had limited minutes yet ended up as one of the leading scorers due to his efficiency. The names that you mentioned are all terrific players, yet they do not specialize in a specific skill at this point. He not only is the best shooter in the class, he has added ball handling elements to his game and is one of the most cerebral players in the class.

    The comparison made to Murray and others was only on the mental side. That being said, the mental aspect is a enormous part of projecting a players long term upside. The universities that he visited unofficially are serious about recruiting him and will be through this season.

    At the CP3 camp, Under Armour Combine camp and other camps across America (with other top Canadians in attendance), he has proven statistically to be a top 5 player in efficiency.

    For all these reasons and other intangibles which make up an “elite” mind, we consider him a Top 5 player in this Canadian class.

    Thank you for following Canadian content so closely and be sure to say hello when we bump into one another in the gym.

    1. Kyle Lowry says:

      I don’t think you guys understand how athletic Addi MA and Cash are. They jump over you. I don’t think you understand how good and fundamental Luka Shim and Coleman are. I don’t think you understand the quickness and energy Taryn has. I don’t think you understand how good of a rebounder Malachi is. There are handful of other guys that are close to these but your guy is nowhere close to them. Hiding in a division 2 basketball is not going to do it. As for shooting abilities, Luka Coleman Shim and Cashius are all better shooters and more proven. And they all get up early in the morning as well not because Kobe Bryant said so, they have practice before school. As far as intelligence goes these are all very intelligent as well. There are several platinum students. Last time I Checked that’s above 95
      With this article you disrespected so many really good players to start with, secondly you pissed off so many parents coaches etc. How’s that good for you and your business I have no clue.
      Next time think twice before you hit the keyboard.

  6. D says:

    ^^^haters smh he should be ranked 3rd

    1. Fake News says:

      You are right. It sounds like he should be ranked 3rd now not 5th when factoring in the ultra important camp stats Mr. Sbiet mentions. Who knew that evidently, camp stats + shooting skill + elite mind + intangibles and lighting it up against weak highschool opponents, outweigh actually earning starters minutes on good teams, overall game performance and game accomplishments against other good players. Now the other high potential guards in the class including national team members know what to work on if they want to be ranked #5.

      As Allen Iverson would say “we are talking about camp stats”, “we are talking about camp stats”

  7. Steve Montgomery says:

    Love what you do keep up the great work NPH! Makur Maker plays for Mississauga Prep if I’m correct this team neither plays in the NPA or the OSBA just wondering where this team will be playing the majority of there’s games? I understand what Elias is getting at with regards to Okay but again I don’t feel he is deserving of the #5 rank at this point in time. I just feel to many other players have proven them selves above Okay. Take Shemar for example lead his CIA bounce team this summer as well as Team Canada’s U15 team and now has recently taken over the point guard role on arguably the top basketball team in Canada being Orangeville Prep. I’m not hating on Okay I believe he will turn out to be a stellar player in the long run just think other players are more deserving of this #5 ranking.

  8. Jackson says:

    I dont think anyone would argue the kid has skill and long term potental if he improves in a number of areas. I also don’t think any teammate,parent or coach who has watched the top kids the past year would think the kid is close to level of overall players currently being ranked.

  9. Coach says:

    Okay at #5!! I’m not too sure if this is loyalty to the fact that he has been to a number of your camps. There are a vast number of players currently out there who should be ahead and is very understandable.

    There are a tremendous number of players with no argue that should be ahead, Shemar rattan-mayes, Matthew Alexander, inaki Alvarez, josh Morgan, luka sakota, Coleman stucke, Paris Shane, Godwin illumoka, trevon Thomas, Isaiah lee, Zachary john, dameisho borden, keon ambrose-Hilton, ben li, daimar dyall- Richards, keeshawn barthelemy, ladera obang, brandyn talbot, ankit choudharly, matteus case, Malachi ndur, damani browne, justice prentice, taryn Todd

    1. Mama D says:

      Thank you for mentioning Daimar Dyall Richards… I love that people are sleeping on Daimar and so many of the hard working but yet underrated players like him.. my mom always used to say “opinions are like patty holes,, everyone has one” being on someone’s top 5 list or top 25 list don’t mean much but getting a free education at the end of the day is what we all want for our kids

    2. Mama D says:

      *batty holes.
      Thanks to auto correct

  10. TD says:

    ther is bromance between Zefi, Eli and Father – may explain the crazy ranking

  11. Torball says:

    NPH you are doing a disservice to the basketball community by putting out only a top 5 ranking list that is very biased towards your NPA league (unethical) backed by a very opionative article. Why should the community support you and put our trust in your hands when dealing with college coaches after these kind of actions.

    I feel it for Okay he now has a target on his back because of unethical motives. Do things for the kids for the right reasons.

    Since you won’t put out the list I will.

    1. Makur Maker (NPA)
    2. Cassius McNeely (OSBA/Jordan Game)
    3. Addison Patterson (OSBA/Jordan Game)
    4. Josh Hemming (USA/Jordan Game)
    5. Luka Sakota (OSBA/Canball)
    6. Taryn Todd (OSBA/Canball)
    7. Coleman Stucke (OSBA)
    8. Shemar Rathan Mayes (OSBA/Canball)
    9. Matthew Moncrieffe (OSBA)
    10. Malachai Ndur (OSBA/Canball)

    No disrespect to any other kid not on the list above. Take out all the hype and loyalties going on and include Size+length+athletic ability+skills+character+mental mindset and that is what the landscape is currently showing. I’m sure it will change in the future with more kids working.

  12. Who cares says:

    First of all. Why is everyone up in arms? Why does anyone care where they rank these kids in Canada? Anyone can rank. It the end it means nothing. So many kids in the past got cut from the national team and went way further than anywhere in CANADA. The measurement system is poor. They simply base someone being so great when their opponents was a weak team. How many games do you watch before you rank? Or do you just follow the hype. Oh yea I forgot you create the hype. Until you are ranked nationally, in the USA (ESPN) this ish means nothing- keep working

    1. jenny says:

      Because the player rank is so outstandingly bad, wrong and insulting.

  13. Hyflyer says:

    NPH scouts and rankers

    When you pump the tires at 15-16 years old you better be able to fix the flats at 17-19 years old!

    Best to list the players and a summary of their talents than to rank!

  14. Mark says:

    #1 yall cant spell these kids names at all
    #2 TORBALL rankings i like and agree
    #3 I feel bad for Okay because he doesnt need this negativity
    #4 Anyone can do rankings, but no one does. I refuse to do it because I dont need to
    #5 are people afraid to leave their real names out of spite what the community will do?
    #6 did you put your real email or a made up one to stay anonymous?
    #7 I STRONGLY believe a minimum of 10 games of evaluation to be give ANY # on a ranking system, if there isnt dont apply it to their profile
    #8 the NPH theory of join their camp u get highly ranked can be debunked by Joel Brown (2016 Toronto MVP, badly ranked at #12 for 2019)
    #9 everything is debatable, many things people in sports media do is flawed, I have things with NPH I disagree with and agree with.

  15. Mark says:

    one last thing that I strongly disagree in the article is this:

    “What separates Djamgouz from others in this class, is his relentless pursuit of excellence in his craft, his self accountability; getting up every morning and making his way to the gym for 6:30 am.”

    There is absolutely no indication other kids do not do this, my son is up daily at 5am. I dont doubt any kids work ethic, but how does it specifically separate others from each other?

  16. Coach says:

    NPH, this ranking has lost a tremendous amount of respect from the basketball community. Top 4, spot on. #5 terrible choice no disrespect to okay. The hard truth he is not top 5 and getting up at 6:30am is not a valid reason as to why he is top 5. He’s a great shooter don’t get me wrong , but there are many guys in the class who can shoot almost as well and have a way better overall game. Yes the kid goes to every camp to show out, and yes he has gone on unofficial visits which mean completely nothing but a school tour, but he stands 6’4 less than 150. There are many kids out there who have a better body structure and game to back it up who should definitely be ahead.

    I’m very disappointed in this ranking as it shows how unimportant north pole hoops reasoning is and how stupid things such as waking up early are used to rank a kid.

    This ranking has lost a lot of respect from coaches, players, and parents. We are now paying to go to camps to be ranked!!!

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      Hello all,

      Thanks for everyone’s interest in the NPH rankings. I love learning about everyone’s perspective, because everyone has a different one. I don’t mind at all that we have different basketball opinions, but that’s all that this is. In our opinion, Okay is a very rare breed mentally, that is the X-factor—and this is what holds the most weight in our rankings but not the only factor…physicals , skill set is easier to teach, than the mental game–this is what we talk about all the time. We believe Okay has a special brain and heart, we have learned how to measure this over the years, its not easy to do. Jamal Murray, Rowan Barrett Jr, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Luguentz Dort and others have a high mental game with Jamal being the highest right now. This aspect changes over years through maturity and life experience, but some never get it—example Anthony Bennett (low). Example Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph (high). Nik Stauskas (developing) By the way, “the mental game” is not just basketball, its life.
      But What I find interesting is this false claim that I’m seeing and hearing about Okay, and possibly other kids, that they are only ranked because they came to our camps??? Certain people are pushing this narrative, and others are jumping on board and believing it, based on emotion. Absolute nonsense. The reason I want to address this point specifically is because our integrity is being questioned in this regard. I understand the community (parents, coaches, others) are not happy about this because they are emotionally invested in these players and are proud of their kids – I get it. If we at NPH don’t have integrity, then we don’t have anything. Example — if kids are being ranked based on camps, then how is Makur, Addison and Cashius #1, #2, #3???? They have never attended our camps. The same is true for hundreds of players over the years. As for the camps, of course they will help kids build their player stock, that’s why it was designed! To give kids a chance with NO POLITICS involved—whoever has attended camp would know. We have been trying to tell the Canadian community over the years that #GameSpeaks — that means no bullshit, no politics — just keep the game and the kids first! Many don’t know what we are doing for the kids not in this Top-5 behind the scenes. Its all good–we don’t do this for credit. We respect everyone’s opinion, we’d appreciate the same courtesy, minus the hatred. What example are we setting for the youth, if we are disrespecting each other because we disagree? We are better than this. Let’s be better. Have an amazing day! #GameSpeaks #MaximizePotential

      1. dallas says:

        lol ,whether you like it or not, you leave addision and makur off, and you go out of business! fact! #gamespeaks ! naw , money speaks! talking to US Coaches , they don’t use your services because they see you guys as a junior varsity scouting service which is why schools don’t waste their budget to send scouts, which is why you promote that you “live stream’ your camp to them. a lot of kids are getting smart , save your $175 buy a camcorder and send out your own film! #filmspeaks a lot of kids are in the states on free scholarships , all of which never got a footnote mention by nph. I think people are only upset about this list because they bought in to your PR campaign #gamespeaks and are seeing it is business as usual!

  17. Steve P. says:

    NPH, do you not see the irony of saying in your post “no bullshit, no politics and that gamespeaks”, when you decide to rank a kid top 5 in all of Canada, that is not top 5 on the AAU/rep teams he has played on, nevertheless when comparing against the rest of the top players in GTA and Canada.

    Identifying the kid as player to watch, bright future, top 5 specialist off bench, top 5 shooter, has the potential to be special, etc. is reasonable, top 5 player ranking in Canada is absurd, sorry.

    You ask what example is being set for the youth, i would genuinely ask NPH the same question.

  18. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

    @ Dalls and Steve P — Fact check – we work directly with over 100 post-secondary programs directly from (High major NCAA- low major, CIS, JUCO, CCAA, CIS) and bring NCAA coaches to Canada on a weekly / monthly basis.
    You will see in the long run, what we are all about. History is the greatest teacher of all. In the meantime, lets keep supporting these kids and setting a good example that adults can disagree and still be respectful. I’d love to see that in our community. As for Okay Djamgouz, we see something in him, something special, something different & that’s why we put him Top 5. Lets agree to disagree, and keep watching these kids progress and develop…future is bright for the game!

  19. Okays Teammate says:

    Okay does not deserve any of this negativity. He’s a great high character kid with an amazing skill set. I played with him for a few years in school and AAU. I have to say it is his mentality that seperates him from others. He is the most motivated person I have ever seen, and he still drives me to get better every single day. Okay 100% deserves top 5 and in the future he’s going to show everyone here why. He studies all the greats in every way. Simply put, he has the mamba mentality. He makes everyone around him better.

  20. I.M.H.O says:

    Okay is a good kid & a great shooter! I agree with others tho that top 5 is a bit stretch but @ the end of the day rankings are just someones opinion nothing more. Check different sites & you’ll see different rankings so everyone needs to relax & keep working in the gym. Like Tariq said they see something special & different & that out weighs the basic things people usually gage on. NPH seems to gamble on unknown or less talked about players so if they blossom then they were the ones to put them on the map. Of course they have to rank the top guys not affiliated with them or else they wouldn’t be taken seriously & the rest are guys they think will pan out in future. like cdn national they seem to like tall, long, athletic types that they think will aquire skills in future to make a full package. Ranking the future over who has it now. When the 2021 rank comes out it will be clearer to see because its a deep class but they love the tall, long, athletic guys that haven’t proved much yet. I predict for 2021..1.Moon 2.Kyle 3.Cordell 4.Charles 5.Kevone

  21. Mike S says:

    Is there a more expanded ranking of that class?
    Not many heard of him but Jahmyl Telfort from QC could top this list very easily this year and should be at least in the top 10 right now.
    6’6 sg/pg right now easily the best player in hs in QC. Elias you should go check him out he plays at Park Ex knights and De Mortagne HS.

  22. rudy hyatt says:

    Great list we know u can get everyone to many good players.Should look at smaller programs cnit 2016 who was one of your top scorers. No hype for him he will be back.

  23. rudy hyatt says:

    Lorenzo Barbieri

  24. rudy hyatt says:

    Okay is 170 lbs to much bs the kid is great just give him a chance and he will get a offer from Princeton soon. We should support r kids not hurt them. Love to all r kids.

  25. CBF says:

    For those interested in a more in-depth analysis of some of these names and others with potential:

  26. rudy hyatt says:

    It’s sad that some players do good against top players but get on love lorenzo barbieri look at your own cnits. Forget about shemar watch them head to head. Or against Jordan persaud

  27. rudy hyatt says:

    Brandyn talbot motion marksman wasn’t the top scorer or player it was lorenzo barbieri topb
    Scorer and player they he went to grass roots.

  28. rudy hyatt says:

    To many players missing from your test 2020 list.

  29. Sleeper says:

    Why is no one even mentioning Keeshawn Barthelemy? Most athletic and explosive guard in his class and great shooting as well as high iq. He’s gonna turn some heads soon and no one should be surprised about that

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