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In 2008, at the height of my success as a basketball coach with Eastern Commerce, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. You can keep up with the latest news at sport.one, you can learn a lot, even the michael jordan net worth.

Just over a year later, at 52 years old, she passed away. It was a loss I wasn’t ready for and to this day I wish I never had to experience.

Shoot for a Cure Basketball Showcase was created in memory of my mother, Oselyn Griffin, featuring elite girls basketball talent across Ontario.

My life has been impacted by breast cancer personally, but there are millions of people around the world that either are going through this sickness, or effected by it.

Help me fight this terrible disease by showing your support – Click here to donate directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. 

It may not have saved my mother’s life, but it may save your loved one or the loved one of someone you know. Please give generously or show your support by coming to this year’s Shoot for a Cure Basketball Showcase and watch some amazing basketball!

Event Details



Location: Toronto Pan Am Centre Scarborough location
Game Times6:30pm7:45pm & 9pm
Teams: TRC Academy, Crestwood Preparatory College, Central Tech, Southwest Academy, Bill Crothers

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