Oakville, Ontario’s Ignas Brazdeikis has announced that he will be committing to the University of Michigan Wolverines for the 2018-2019 NCAA season.

“It’s a clear decision for me and that’s no disrespect to the other schools that were recruiting me. I’m thankful for the relationships we’ve built and appreciate their time and effort. Michigan just feels like home.”

The last Canadian to play for Michigan was Nik Stauskas, who now suits up in the NBA for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Brazdeikis becomes Michigan’s fourth commitment for 2018 after David DeJulius a 6’0 point guard pledged, Taylor Currie a 6’8 versatile post and Brandon Johns a 6’7 combo forward.

Brazdeikis had officially visited Michigan and Vanderbilt and had it in the plans to head to Florida for a visit at the end of September, but “Iggy” felt that he didn’t need to take the last one.

“Everything just clicked at Michigan, the connection with the coaching staff, the education, their long term plan for me and Michigan being close to home. Michigan has been there from the beginning.”

During the summer Brazdeikis pondered on whether or not to reclassify and leave to school for this September. Although, he is already a scoring machine; he wanted to take care of some fine tuning and get his body where he felt it needed to be for the college level, while developing a more consistent shot.

The Wolverines coaching staff have been providing him with feedback and areas to improve on through their dialogue with Iggy.

“Coach Beilien is so easy to talk to, I’ve gotten to known him so well. He’s genuine and he sticks to what he says.”

“My versatility and everything I’ve done this summer on both ends of the floor. I’m proving that I can defend multiple positions.”

As the video above illustrates, Ignas is already a multifaceted scorer; yet with increased foot speed and continuing to get his body into pro shape, he’d come into college as a top freshman in the BIG 10 conference. Some may say he could have been that this year.

Brazdeikis is on the NBA radar at this point and can only increase his stock from where he’s at now.

He is the first of the Canadian top 5 prospects in 2018 to commit.


Elias Sbiet

Written by Elias Sbiet

Elias is the National Recruiting Analyst at NPH, keeping you up to date with Canadian basketball news on Canada's top prospects. You will find Elias at events across North America providing coverage and evaluating talent. He has been involved in the game as a scout, servicing NCAA, CIS and NBA teams for nearly a decade.

Website: http://www.twitter.com/Elias_NPH

24 thoughts on “2018 Canadian Ignas Brazdeikis Commits to Michigan

  1. Audrius Stonkus says:

    Nice article, but Iggy has been proud to represent Canada in international play was born in Kaunas Lithuania.

  2. WS says:

    And soon after RJ quickly takes Michigan out of his top 5.
    Is this where the u19 beef we heard about is sitting?

  3. JJ says:

    What is this beef you speak of at the U19 level?

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      @WS @JJ Yeahhh — which beef at the U19 Team Canada level? I didn’t hear anything about a beef? Last I checked, we WORLD champs! BIGGGGG

  4. WS says:

    It is clear something was amiss with the u19s when 7-8 of of Canada’s top 10 prospects no showed for training camp. Sure we’d never get everyone there with all the stuff going on in the summer, but the turnout was abysmal (no Akot, Dort, Shittu, Sha Alexander, Brissett, Iggy, or Nikel). And yes, we won despite this and probably BECAUSE of this, as there is clearly discord among SOME of these players.
    It very much seems Simi and RJ don’t want to play together – you can see this with their college recruiting choices. Rumors abound all over Twitter that these guys won’t play together and the coaches know it. Not sure if it is a real beef between them or their “handlers”. It sure seems Rowan Barrett has alienated a lot of people in Canada with his handling of RJ. I heard their beef supposedly goes back to their time at Moneteverde and then blew up at the u17 WCs during our massive upset loss to Turkey. Do some research on Twitter as it is all over the place. You’d think a Canadian journalist would get to the bottom of these rumors and speculation. (search Twitter for Barrett Shittu and let the rumors overwhelm you).

    Iggy is clearly boys with Simi and as soon as Iggy committed RJ dumped Michigan. Simi just dumped UK as it clear they are going all in on RJ.

    Is any of this true? I don;t know, I’m and outside gleaning stuff off the internet. Tariq, you are supposedly the insider and should know. Do a little research if you want to be a journalist….your comment makes it seem you are just a fanboy. Real journalists like Murphy, Wolstat and Yanaopolous know this is going on but don’t want to make waves talking about it.

    1. basketball jones says:

      SONNY BAIROS, We know its you…lol

  5. basketball jones says:

    Sunny Baroast….




  6. basketball jones says:

    Sunny Baroast…

    If you cared about Canada so much you would support it not try to pit people against each other. Everyone is laughing at you and you don’t even know it. You are a being used. I feel sorry for you-

    Whitter Sr.. AKA Sunny Potroast.. AKA Canadian Ballers AKA BLAH Blah Blah

    GO back in the basement and make a ham sandwich and sit down LMAO.

    1. Can-ball guru says:

      Basketball Jones, I get your point about not wanting to turn people in Can-bal against each other and is hpw I felt when I first herd talking about this iszie over 14 months ago and it os the reason I didn’t want to bring this topic either.

      I will table this issie for a while and kust hole for the best because all of these kids are extremely classy and will eventually solve amy issues.

      It was the handlers, parents and certain coaches that caused this not the players but grassroots basketball in Canada is now a business and when former stake holders that used to get all of the stars on thier team suddenly faces competition from someone with internal connections to the national team you can see why some people had concerns.

      There is really no “bad guy” here, I watched Simi Shittu and Ignas Braz. A all play thier hearts out for Canada in the past and all of these kids are class personofied.

      That’s why I was asking Rowan Barrett Senior to just step up because he is basically running the national team, has the next Koby Bryant about to go number #1, is an ex player and has that UPlay gig, so thats why I would like him to pick 2 out of the 3.

      Going forwards it will eventually look bad from an “optics” point of view, when they are picking the Olympic team in 5 to 6 years.

  7. Can-ball guru says:

    I actually was fearing exactly what WS wrote in that message.

    I had typed almost the exact message tyoed out a dew days ago when my phone died.

    I can only hope that Basketball Canada takes the handlers aside and tries to address this issue, it may not be as bad as we think it is in the end, but there are defenenetlt 2 seperate camps now.

    Shittu actually used to be tight with RJ and they decided to play together during the summer both on CIA Bounce, than at Montverde the best US highschool team in the nation.

    Than after one year, Simi leaves the school that just sent Ben Simmons into rhe NBA who’s game he was trying to replicate.

    It could simply be that Simi Shittu is an elite player and after a few months it was clear that Montverde was not showcaseing him and werw really catering to Barrett.

    The problem is that most of the top young players in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 class seem to be on the side of Shittu meaning that although RJ is goig to be a star, using him might nean that we lose 7 of our other top 10 players.

    I am glad to see that these guys are competitive and want to be the best but something nerds to be done to repare this fracture in Canadian basketball.

    It looks like Rowan Barrett Senior had ticked alot of people off and he may be the readon no one is playing for Canada anymore.

    This was the worst summer in history for the percentage of top 10 players chosing to play for thier country. We had less than 3 of out top 8 ranked players in each age group play for Canada.

    In the end it will come down to either UPlay being shut down or Rowan apologizing and either resigning from any association from UPlay or his team Canada Asst GM role.

    I actually don’t now that Rowan Barrett is even in the wrong on this, but as the focal point of team Canada, he has to be 100% independent.

    It is close to being considered a conflict of interested at this point but its the optics and quell of prospects that make this move a necessity.

    When you have arguably the best upcoming prospect and future leader of the national team unable to play with the #2, #3, #4, #5 of several draft years this is a major situation.
    Combine that with the fact that his dad leads the national program and this one rather minor situation could destroy Canadian basketball down the road.

    This type of dynamic happens all of the time in the US, but here in Canada because of how small we are and the fact that the GM is now producing the next best player, Nepotism can come into question even though it probably shouldn’t.

    Is RJ Barrett and Kigbu better than havinf Sim Shittu, Igy, Brazdeikus, Dourt, etc etc ?

    This will likely get sorted out soon, but if all the people that turned Can-ball down this summer are on the otherside of the Rowan Barrett split than right or wrong the Barrett camp must apologize for this disaster and make steps to rectify it becauae as amazing and important RJ will be for Canada basketball, if we lose 80% of the other prospects Canadian basketball is in trouble.

    If I was Rowen Barrett SR. I would just step away completely from UPlay because his son will soon be raking in millions anyways!

  8. Can-ball guru says:

    Sorry for the typos but my cell was dieing and really needed to get that out.

    I think Rowan should eventually just retire from Canada basketball and enjoy his sons eventual financial riches because even though I don’t think Rowan has done anything wrong, we are no longer able to get our top players to play for Canada and he would probably love a new role.

    To my knowledge all he really did wrong was start a new EYBL team and overly recruit or poach existing new players. Thats really not a big deal, but as the head of Canada basketball calling CIA Bounce and other EBYL teams players it caused a big stir.

    The other side of the coin is to side with Rowan, but in the end because so many top young players are no longer playing for Canada the best option for Canadian basketball is to try and have Rowen try to mend these relationships.

    It is no coincidence that after CIA bounce has produced much of our junior national teams each year for 10 years, than all of a sudden none want to play for Canada anymore.

    If it were any other 2 players it would not matter, but because it is virtually RJ and Kigab vs the world at this point, including #2 Simi Shittu and #4 Ignas Brazdeikas and many more, it is kind of a big deal.

    Technically both Ignas and Simi who have been strong leaders for team Canada could play for another country do to thier dual citizenship so we need to somehow find away to make those guys happy again or we will keep losing top prospects.

  9. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

    1) Canada is world champion for first time ever under leadership of Rowan Barrett Sr of the floor (and RBJ on the floor) WE WINNING! That’s the end game, thats what matters, that RB’s job, and he’s doing it.. #GameSpeaks
    2) RJ & Simi are friends which both have confirmed with me. So to the fake “media” lets cut the bullshit.

    IF you want the real stuff, I suggest you check my twitter timeline @Tariq_NPH

    1. Can-ball guru says:

      Agreed Tariq lets just drop this issue for now, unfortunately we wont truly know how much of an issue this ever actualy was until 2019 when we can look back and see if those players continue to keep passing on playing for thier national teams.

      Unfotunately that could lead to us again missing both the 2020 Olympics and 2019 FIBA basketball world championships again and missing out on half of this golden génération’s prime years.

      I agree that it is pointless to devide the Canadian basketball comunity or believe some of crazy consperecy rumours out there but I see these guys twitter and trust me they could put these rumors to bed months ago and didn’t.

      From what I could see, it seemed that Simi didn’t love his last experience playing with Canada basketball as his role and numbers were both down and Simi felt that he is a first option type tallent and wasn’t on that years team.

      So Simu has just been mad at the world trying to get the respect that he feels he deserves. I bet he is also a little ticked offfrommvery player currently ranked higher than him in that class and that could be a good thing.

      It might anoy him a little bit that RJ is getting his due respect just fine vs himself but I truly don’t feel that these guts have a problem with each other and I have personally seen RJ reach out to Simi sevetal times to congradulate him.

      I am sure that they are both just very competative, as they are both in the same draft class and close in the rankings and will be buds again after tge draft.

      You have to look at it from both of Simi and RJ’s angle. They are competing to be the #1 pick in the same class and even though they are both very equal in thoer potential RJ has gotten far more attention and love from the media and ranking agencies. This will end as it does with each draft class does right after the draft and will end up galvenizing the class together each draft class than wants to be the best.

      So if you combine a healthy rivelry with with the fact they were once close teammates on multiple teams and now never play together you can aee why people have tried to turn a minor issue into a big story.

      So lets just leave this issue until next year and see than.


  10. WS says:

    Can-Ball Guru – thanks for the more eloquent explanation of our concerns.

    Tariq – Fair enough. As I said – you are local and more in touch with what is going on and why I asked the question. I am looking to you as the expert here. Hopefully your perspective is the truth but the rumors keep piling up with some saying this is more about the “handlers” of RJ and Simi rather than them. As a huge fan on Canada BBall I worry that Rowan Sr. is doing more damage than helping. Steve Nash was supposed to be the savior tot he program but he certainly seems quite checked out and not really involved. The power seems in Barrett Sr’s hands. Canada Basketball has a long, long history of not being able to get out of its own way with politics and infighting. We certainly have a long history alienating top talent at the senior men’s level. The great success we have seen at the youth levels is not translating (yet) to the senior team and I am concerned it is mostly because we still struggle with participation. When our best kids don’t show up at the youth level (whether we win or not) it concerns me that they are just not that engaged with playing for Canada and if that’s the case then it adds to the chance that it will continue at the Senior level.

    Basketball Jones – thanks for the guttural finger pointing and accusations but you are wrong with my identity. I am merely a well removed, but concerned fan residing in California just picking up rumors on the internet. I really have not first hand knowledge of anything here (where Tariq does). But I have read some of Sonny Barios’s stuff and it has influenced some of my questions here. I can see he has a personal beef, but often where there is smoke, there is fire. Especially when you start hearing corroborating stories from other sources. Even the mainline Raptors reporters have acknowledged their are issue, but no one of substance seems to want to talk about it. It seems the Basketball community is so small no one wants to step up and criticize, too worried that they bite the hands that feed them.

    If this was hockey – the Canadian media would write books about it. Think if 80% of our top hockey prospects didn’t show up for the World Juniors and their were rumors floating around that it was because a large number of them didn’t want to play with our #1 generational prospect due to his over zealous and political father who ran Hockey Canada? Oh…boy…what a story! Alas, it is basketball in Canada and no one speaks a word of it.

    Again – I’m hoping Tariq is right, ultimately we all want the same thing, but it just doesn’t smell good.

  11. WS says:

    Tariq – I read your twitter timeline. Thank you for addressing everything head on and being aggressive about it. I hope everything you say is true for the good of basketball in Canada. I hope….

    And it seems you are saying I should stop following Hoops Hype Canada on Twitter? Is that the “media” you refer to?

  12. Can-ball guru says:

    I agree with the assertion of where there’s smoke there is fire.

    I just hope the handlers don’t cause a minor issue to turn into a major issuee because of the politics.

    We all want the same thing here but we also have to be able to point out a mojor problem before it happens.

    I follow most of the top guys on Twitter and trust me when the U19 won Gold, it should have blew up thoer Twitter as even the players that didn’t play this year, had all helped lay the foundation by playing the previous years bit you can go back and look at thoer Twitters and there is virtually no one talking about it from those 10 to 11 top prospects that didn’t play this year. Trust me that never happens even when the US wins..it was almost like aome of them resented it.

    That may be taking it to far but you can’t argue with social media, no one in the U19 and even U17 age group that did not play this year, roughly 11 or 12 of pur best prospects age 16 to 19, did not mention wimning gold on social media. You had aome older players like Murray, Wiggins and Olynyk mention it but not the actual group of kids in that age group.

    There that is the last of the U19 conspiracy talk, it litterally could be smaller and already being ironed out as we speak, but you are kidding yourself if you don’t believe that at one time there was atleast a small rift there.

    This is also a natural sign of competetiveness that maybe this group has more so than the last group and the group becore that and isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    I agree with the hockey analagy though, if this was hockey the media woul9 have been all over it and it could never have progressed to where it is now in basketball.

    Wayne Gretzky dad would never of pissed of and cut Mario Limieux from team Canada…lol of ourse I am exaggerating fpr dramatic effect!

    Again if it didn’t involve such a great group of prospects I really wouldn’t care as much, but I feel this group from aged 16 to 20 has 9 to 10 elite players that could help Canada medal some day soon.

    If we can get 5 of the best 6 kids to play on the senior team in a few years with Wiggins, Murray etc…it could be special

  13. itsBball says:

    Tariq, they are not “friends” so either you are trying to defuse the situation or you are misinformed. To the people who say stop with the negative comments, C’mon! this is reality & facts of life shit happends, the problem I have is why its not being addressed & from u16 to Sr Mens I don’t feel the unity you see from other country/programs. Sr Barrett needs to be held accountable, his sole purpose in the role for team Canada is to get the program better & have every1 out playing each year, keep the personal feelings out of his role.

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      @itsbball – lets break it down point by point. Because what you are saying is information that is either misinformed or you have a beef with Rowan Barrett Sr.
      1) RJ and Simi are friends, and have been from a young age. Both players confirmed it by retweeting my tweet about them being friends. So please, stop it. They are friends, and have no ill will against each other. The only ill will is being manufactured by adults (handlers, agents, etc).
      2) Rowan Barrett Sr needs to be held accountable? His job is all about accountability—he is accountable to the entire country and I will never shy away from bringing up an issue. Is he perfect or correct about everything? No, I don’t think so — nobody is. His role is to help Canada WIN, and Canada is World champion under his leadership for first time ever. Please wake up if you are being brainwashed — WORLD CHAMPIONS. No personal feelings just results. Now if you want to ask, WHY did the top players not play for Canada? Well, from what I know, some had legit school reasons as they prepare for freshman seasons. But the high school players? You will have to ask the handlers and agents in the ears of families and kids, pushing their agenda and their personal feelings. Rowan Barrett Sr has elevated Canada Basketball organizational status on multiple levels and there is still MAJOR work to do, to translate at the Senior level. For example, we need to start producing at the senior level RIGHT NOW, no excuses…we have the talent, lets go qualify for world championships, win medals and get into Olympics. We just missed the boat in the last cycle, and I fully expect there to be changes made. #GameSpeaks

      1. WS says:

        Tariq – winning the u19s is great. But it matters little in the big scheme of things. The SMNT is what matters. What we are doing in the youth levels is fantastic and should be a great signal to future success but as you said it hasn’t translated yet. We have the talent so why not? Why did we miss the boat the last Olympics? 2015 FIBA Americas had a good turnout, but were were very young and got caught sleeping – bad management? bad coaching? youthful inexperience and arrogance? Dang – I heard we might have even been purposely food poisoned. Doesn’t matter as we had a legit chance last summer but some really big names didn’t show with their only reason of “just because” (Wiggins, Stauskas, Lyles) . France wasn’t that good and was very beatable if we had just a couple names especially someone who hit hit a three once in a blue moon. This summer’s AmeriCup was even worse and has me quite nervous we can even qualify during this stupid new WC Qualification process. Yes the Americup was supposed by a training session for the qualification process and I know no NBA guys (or Euroleague) were supposed to be there. But we have a deep well beyond that didn’t show. Where were the Scrubb Bros for the AmeriCup? Ejim? Sacre? Birch? Bennett? Bachynski? Wiltjer? Bhuller? Yes – there were some legit excuses in there and many did not know if they would be allowed to play in November making for a chaotic situation – not one of those guys there?

        Besides Pierre and Nicholson the bigs on that AmeriCup team were really bad. And we are likely losing Nicholson with him in China now. Were is Marc Trasolini? Owen Klassen? or Kyle Landry? All legit pros and solid bigs for that team.

        The great fear here is we have this boatload of talent – but will never pull it together to show it in a major event. WC Qualification is a legit concern and no WC then no Olympics. We have already lost to the BVI and these teams like Mexico and Venezuela are practicality only using their domestic league guys and there continuity and chemistry will be far better than our rag-tag last second team we put together. The only way we win is with overwhelming talent on the floor.

        Nash is totally absent Tweeting away about soccer – yet he and Barrett Sr were supposed to directly fix the participation problem we have had for years at the SMNT level. I am not seeing it yet (outside of ~80% of the guys in the summer of 2015), but admit it could just be a load of co-incidences so far (injuries, free agency issues, insurance issues whatever). We will never get the entire crew together – but man, what we could do if we could get CoJo, Murray, Wiggins, TT and KO on the floor together with one or two solid NBA and Euroleague level support guys (Powell, Nicholson, Brooks, Pangos, Doornekamp, the Scrubbs, XRM, Wiltjer, Birch, Lyles, Hanlan, Ejim, Pierre and the list goes on.

        I just don’t see the urgency from the players, Basketball Canada or the Canadian media.

        Fingers crossed new names are added to the WC Qualification team roster. At least Triano seems to be keeping Anthony Bennett close by in Phoenix’s G-League affiliate.

  14. itsBball says:

    Tariq, are you suggesting we won the gold this year at that level because of Sr? C’mon Mr Sbeit!
    “accountable? His job is all about accountability—he is accountable to the entire country” then when is he Or Canada basketball going to take accountability for the lack of representation from our elite players at all age levels? Im not so concerned who the issue is with ( Parents, Handlers ect..) it needs to be what Canada basketball can do to ensure we have our best players playing & starting a new tradition/unity among all our Canadian basketball players. I appreciate your passion & time you take to answer questions, Keep up the hard Work. Just a fan of Canada basketball & see things that need to be addressed by the management team.

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      @itsbball & @WS – This topic started wtih RJ & Simi – weather they are friends or not, which is really a silly topic. I answered that with facts. Are the U19s world champions because of senior? In part, yes — he deserves some credit as they won under his leadership–something never done before. Does he deserve all the credit? No…you win and lose as a team — players, coaching staff, management, doctors communications team, etc) As for the senior national team level, thats a completely different topic, which I agree with both of you on. We have to get our best to compete and / or we have to win when it matters (Worlds, Olympics). Simple. I believe there must be a coaching change at the top moving forward (Jay Triano had an opportunity, and did not deliver–I have no ill will toward him as a man, but we have to be results driven). I want to provide context to anyone reading this. In 2013, I wrote an article titled “Canada Basketball Accountability” everything written in that article, I own to this day, and it echoes your frustrations as a basketball fan in this country. We must continuously aim for excellence and put in the necessary work to achieve it, while also owning up to our faults—thats how we improve. Have a read http://northpolehoops.com/2013/09/10/team-canada-accountability/

  15. Can-ball guru says:

    Just read Tariq’s full answear to WC and just love to see Tariq’s pasion and optomism keep shining the way it does and actually agree on all of his individual points.

    It is common to muss out on the freshman NCAA players and thats just a reality for virtually every country.

    I think Rowan is classy and has done an above average job in his role compared to the others in senior Canada basket management roles but I was just concerned that we are now missing more and more top players eavh year and as tbe father of a star player his role could get sticky.

    I was so proud to see us win the gold medal the way we did and have watched all Canadian junior and senior basketball games live since 2010, includinf most of the girls games and all of the boys and mens games but what if we never had RJ there this year to save us?

    What would the story look like than when we barely make it oast the round robin games and likely place 7th or 8th again?

    Just before Rowan came aboard we had the U18 team winning a bronze medal in thier highest finish ever and we never got past 5th until this past year?

    The meda would have gone nuts talking about how our program is once again a program where its stars don’t want to represent their own country and what a waste of the talent we have turned into.

    In actuality we have had very minor, slow bud steady growth over the past 6 years until this past year.

    As a whole we are producing more and more talent at all levels but our results have only gradually, very slowly gone up each year. Still atleast we are going up.

    Keep bringing your passion and knowkedge of the game Tariq, love what you guys have done and especially love your optomism.

    Unfortunately we need to plan for the bad possiblities aswell as the good sometimes, so looking inwards is a very valuable exercise even if it means exposing the odd wart or delving into issues before they even become issues.

    Still love what NPH is all about and feel that you guys are one of the best talent evaluators in the business even compared to the Chad Fords, ESPN, Draft.Net etc..

    Also am amazed that you guys have a live, inmitegated, discussion board like you do and answear everyone’s questions.

    Great work, keep it up!

  16. Can-ball guru says:

    PS – Yes, possibly Tariq is trying to defuse the sitiafion herw which is eactly what I was calling for/hoping in the first place. Just remember guys no one was criticizing NPH, you guys are faultless and believe me I also do mock ratings and have lo kex back at all of ypur xracts since 2009 as possiblyUnfortunately tbe best grass roots talent evaluatorts in North America. But these are not all your kids/famalies and you have to remember that it is very common for 2 players who grow up in the same city to be froemds at an early age than briefly grow into “Friend amies for s few years in highschool snd college and they are in direct compettion.

    James and Durant used tp be buddies, than not buddies or Paul Georges and lebron James became friends than friendamies….that just life and comes and goes.

  17. Can-ball guru says:

    PS – Yes, possibly Tariq is trying to defuse the sitiafion herw which is eactly what I was calling for/hoping in the first place. Just remember guys no one was criticizing NPH, you guys are faultless and believe me I also do mock ratings and have lo kex back at all of ypur xracts since 2009 as possiblyUnfortunately tbe best grass roots talent evaluatorts in North America. But these are not all your kids/famalies and you have to remember that it is very common for 2 players who grow up in the same city to be froemds at an early age than briefly grow into “Friend amies for s few years in highschool snd college and they are in direct compettion.

    James and Durant used to be close friends, than not friends, James used to love Steph Curry’s game and they were buds, now Steph & Co. make fun of James with his teamates at weddings and thwy generally don’t like each other, Paul George and Lebron James became friends than “friendamies” than something inbetween after George’s grusome injurry lead to Indiana no longer being a threat ro his team….that’s just life in the ultra competative world of pro basketball and small beefs are veey common and compettion based, they come and go with all great players all the time.

    We just hope that like in the US program, everyone eventually comes together for the sake of the whole nation and they ignore any small silly beefs (perceived or real) and they play great basketball together and win a medal some day soon.

    But I loved seeing Tariq address this topic head on and attempt to diffuse this small situation the best way he new how.

    I did see thier re-tweets so lets finally just table this topic for a year or two and move on in a more positive and optomistic direction.

    Afterall like you just said, we are world champs right now and what else matters more than that?

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