North Pole Hoops has completed the Western Canada tour of Showcase camps in order to identify the Nation’s top prospects from the province of Manitoba all the way to British Columbia.

Some were names that we were already familiar with and others who made a splash. Cole Newkirk out of Saskatchewan is a 6’8 Power Forward who will be graduating after this season and is set to be an impact player for the Notre Dame Hounds this season in the National Preparatory Association.

Jashon Henry and Manyang Tong were the guys who set the tone for camps in their respective provinces. Henry stayed home this summer instead of playing AAU and fine tuned his craft. His three ball is the most improved area of his game, along with a tighter handle than last year.

Tong has improved his physique and added both strength and mass to a wiry frame. The potential for Tong as a playmaker and scorer at the next level has yet to be tapped.

Winnipeg, Manitoba Prospects

Justin Omaga | 2018 | 6’2 | Guard | Northstar Prep/ Triumph

Projected as a MM USports prospect, maybe higher if he learns to control speed.


Great athleticism, speed and size for position. Ultimately combo guard. Reliable ball handler, can get by his man, good blow by ability. Changes speed and direction. Work horse in drill work, very attentive to detail.

Hendrik Stam | 2018 | 6’8 | PF | St. Anne’s/Riverside Falcons

Projection MM USports


There aren’t many guys walking around with his size and mobility. A solid frame on him that can afford to pack on some muscle. From a couple feet away from the basket can take one dribble and dunk. Accurate mid range jumper just needs more gym time to build confidence.

Greg Wint | 2018 | 6’6 | SF | Notre Dame Prep (Saskatchewan)

Projection MM USports

Greg Wint arguably the improved player overall in Manitoba.  increased athleticism. taking care of his body and has a new element of toughness like never before. Getting a lot of shots up this summer and working on handle to have counters off of initial dribble. Can hit the 3, must be respected but not necessarily knock down guy.

Shawn Maranan | 2018 | 5’9 | PG | Sisler High/basketball Manitoba

Projection CCAA


Shawn is a PG that can create offense off the dribble and uses the speed effectively in transition. has the ability to shoot the three with consistency. Go to first step  operates well from Triple Threat  uses the basics like Jabs, fakes, rip and goes  to get by. needs to work on his lateral speed in order to be able to stay in front of his man at the next level.

Tiernan Marshall | 2018 |  6’1 | SG | Maple Collegiate

Projection HM CCAA, LM+ USports

Tiernan has improved his body a ton. The baby fat is gone, more chiseled, quicker side to side. Sharp shooter from a standstill. Still needs to work on agility add smoother movement.

Aliou Sesay | 2019 | 6’0 | PG | Dakota High school /Winnipeg Wolves

Projected as MM JUCO prospect

Aliou came in on day with a too cool for school mentality. He got lit up early in the morning by one of the coaches and played his best basketball from that point on. Plays controlled in high speed and can change direction and break his man down. Gets free from defender and slithers to finish at the bucket. Needs to mature mentally but has all the tools to be a next level player. Combination of college and university courses.


Donato Joseph | 2019 | 6’5 | Wing | Kelvin High School

Projected as MM USports prospect

A wiry, long prospect. Can shoot the three as a spot up. Showed glimpses of locking up on defense. Needs to lower base and play in a better stance. Untapped potential, will thrive in supportive, motivating environment.

Emmanuel Adesida | 2019 | 6’4 | SF | Fort Richmond Collegiate

Projected as MM-HM CCAA

Solid frame advanced body for his position above-average athleticism. Streaky shooter but uses one or two dribbles to get to the rim can finish above the rim fairly well.

Emmanuel Ugbah | 2020 | 6’2 | SG | Elmwood High school

Projection LM NCAA, HM USports


Emmanuel’s dribble-drive game is relied on heavily. Stays in a low stance and uses quick first step. Can shoot it off the dribble and regain balance. Lengthy, wiry, and expecting a growth spurt based off genes. Head on and in the right place. Good support system.


Daron Watts | 2021 | 6’2 | SG | Miles Mac Collegiate

Tough to project at this time but likely high level USports prospect or LM NCAA

Darren showed a strong understanding for the game at his young age. Placement of his passes and the angles he attacked on gave that away. Long and thin, likely still growing in height. In one on one drills he used long steps to beat his man. Coordinated and has good instincts.

Brock Newton | 2021 | 6’4 | Centre Wellington/Waterloo Wildhawks


Smooth stroke from the perimeter, can shoot off off one or two dribbles. Limited in counter moves. Hard worker, absorbs info quickly and wants to get better. Addressed his goals on paper and will attack with purpose.



Cole Newkirk | 2018/2019 | Center/Power Forward | Notre Dame Prep

Projection HM USports


Cole’s mentality toward development is some of the best we’ve seen. His interaction with coaches and teammates showed strong intangibles. Attacks the rim with aggression, tries to finish with two hands dunks. Backs down his man with one or two dribble. Connects from mid range. Needs to fine tune his post.


Jashon Henry | 2018 | 6’5 | SG | Notre Dame Prep

Projection MM+/HM NCAA



Jashon Henry is way more than just a dunker/slasher at this point. Has added counter moves off the dribble, getting shiftier with his handle. Most improved part of his game is his 3 pt shooting, far more confident and better release from all the reps this summer.


Adefolarin Adetogun | 2018/2019 | 6’1 | PG | Notre Dame Prep

Projection MM NCAA


Adefolarin “Fofo” Adetogun improvement this summer comes from making the decision to skip AAU and stay home to tighten up his handle. Improving under pressure, has been watching film to increase IQ. Becoming more of vocal leader and with Jashon as his shooting partner the two have improved in this regard. Spends more time in the gym then any prospect we’ve met. Work horse.


Isaac Simon | 2022 | 6’1 | Guard | Harvest City Christian Academy

Projection NCAA


Feel and touch using floater against older and more athletic competition was evident from floater and runner. High IQ and looking like long term PG. Good first step, can be more explosive as he gets hips stronger to play in better stance.



Manyang Tong | 2019 | 6’5 | SG | Father Lacombe

Projected as MM NCAA


Manyang is arguably the best prospect in Alberta for the next few graduating classes. He has added strength and has been taking his body more seriously. From a skill standpoint he’s well suited at either SG or SF due to his ability to create offense using a long initial step and strong breakdown skills. He’s not fully aware of how good he can be yet. Natural, as the competition in the province is not strong. Very focused and is looking passed the competition.


Brandon Muntu | 2019 | 6’4 | PG | Bishop O’Byrne

Projection MM+/HM USports, LM NCAA


Very competitive personality, strong IQ with good course sense and spacing. Screen and roll making the pass on the money, sets up teammates for high percentage shooter. Hesitation dribble freezes defenders.


Kwo Agwa | 2020 | 6’5 | SG | Thornlea Prep

Projection HM NCAA

(587) 718-0400

Simply put the best long term prospect in Western Canada. Ball handling, vision, feel, finishes above the rim with no gather needed. We moved him up in the Showcase to play against older competition where he more than held his own. Ended up being underclassmen MVP.


Marjok Okado | 2020 | 6’0 | SG | Father Lacombe

Projection MM+ NCAA


Extremely athletic, shifty with good change of speed and burst. Finishes through contact. Starts his attack from low stance. Dangerous in transition on run outs.


Abdulmuiz Abdullahi | 2020 | 6’3 | SF | Sir Winston Churchill

Projection HM USports, LM NCAA


Caught at high post often, turn and face up into mid range jumper fell fluid. Very strong physically, guarded the paint, blocked shots, sealed. Has athleticism to finish above the rim after just one dribble.


Iteoluwakisis Adekeye | 2018 | 6’2 | SG | Orangeville Prep

Projection MM-HM USports


Physically impressive with body ready for the next level, very muscular. Skill level off the dribble needs to improve and must get more rhythm in his shot. As of now he is a raw project to work with. Lots of potential, considering he is very intelligent and gifted physically.


Cody Akoar | 2018 | 6’5 | SF | Father Lacombe

Projection HM USports/ HM JUCO


Cody is a versatile wing that can handle it well and make plays for himself and find teammates off of his breakdown game. Good change of direction and speed, slashes and can get to the rim for finishes.


Christo Ugodo | 2018 | 6’7 | PF | Father Lacombe

Projection MM JUCO/ MM USports

587 579 0300

Operates from high post, draws defender then good first step to finish around the rim on either side. Needs to get body in better shape. Good mass just needs toning.


Benjamin Kamba | 2019 | 6’0 | PG | Bishop McNally

Projection MM-HM USports


More of a scoring guard at this time, making the transition to PG. Can make plays for others off the first step but prefers to score. Has a pull up from mid range that is reliable and gets it off whenever he wants with quick stop and pop. Older brother plays at Central Arkansas and he’s very eager in following the NCAA route. Hard worker, good learner.


Miles Fryett | 2019 | 6’5 | SF | Centennial

Projection MM-HM USports


Very athletic, puts himself in position to rebound. Not the biggest at camp but one of the best rebounders and help side defenders. Came up with alot of blocks. Catch and slash and can finish above the rim with dunks.



Lars Ishimwe | 2018 | 6’4 | PG | Harry Ainlay High School

Projection MM+, HM USports

780 868 8765

Crafty PG that can create space between him and defender to get his shot. Good blow by ability. Tight handle combined with long dribbles and slides. Changes speed and shifts momentum. Very strong passer, good vision in half court and transition.

Needs to get stronger physically to be ready for the next level. Could be someone who opts to take a post grad year as 2019.


Sabry Phillip | 2019 | 6’3 | SG | Harry Ainlay

Projection LM-MM NCAA, HM USports


Has current interest from Montana State, San Diego, Air Force. High flyer with little effort, fast twitch athlete. Improved handle to better create from the perimeter. Better without the ball in his hands, catch rip and go.


Owen Weaver | 2020 | 6’2 | SG | Harry Ainlay

Projection HM USports

780 691 1029

Owen is young but has a strong understanding of the game, knows how to move without the ball and when to come off of screens. Can really connect from long range. Needs to improve ball handling to be able to create for himself and must lower his stance.


Chris Ogie | 2019 | 6’4 | SF | Morinville Community HS

Projection MM-HM USports


Athletic and raw, finishes with dunks strong and powerful. Strong physically and plays with hustle gene. Low skill level. Could be class of 2020 if he chooses to reclass.


Medit Lueeth | 2019 | 6’1 | PG | Ross Sheppard

Projection MM-HM JUCO/ CCAA

Breakdown moves, space creator, step backs, side steps, pull backs. Stop-n-go throws off defenders, freezes them. Lots of maturing to do mentally to play at high level. Too friendly for my liking.



Harry Oghomienor | 2021 | 6’1 | PG | British Columbia Christian Prep

Projection HM NCAA

By way of Nigeria, Harry has come to Canada to take the reigns at BC Christian Prep. He proved so in this year’s Showcase in BC by getting to the basket at will, setting the table for teammates and playing solid defense. He’s a leader and good teammate, checked off on intangibles.


Peter Li | 2019 | 6’0 | PG | British Columbia Christian Prep

Projection MM USports

Can really light it up from three. This is the quickest he’s been off of his first step. We can tell he’s spent his off season conditioning and getting stronger. Needs to be a lot more vocal as lead guard.


Aamir Rajwani | 2019 | 6’3 | PG | Carson Graham Secondary

Projection LM-MM USports


Strong work ethic, doesn’t quit, absorbs information quick. Body is in shape, adding muscle gradually. Has the ball handling, shooting mechanics just a step too slow. Must add speed and burst.


Pierce Strutt | 2018 | 6’6 | SF | BC Christian Prep

Projection MM USports

Strong physically and built for next level. More confident in outside shot this year. Can work with his back to the basket against undersized defenders and back them down all the way. The in between is still missing. IQ is there but confidence is not always because of lack of handle.

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Elias Sbiet

Written by Elias Sbiet

Elias is the National Recruiting Analyst at NPH, keeping you up to date with Canadian basketball news on Canada's top prospects. You will find Elias at events across North America providing coverage and evaluating talent. He has been involved in the game as a scout, servicing NCAA, CIS and NBA teams for nearly a decade.


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