Montreal, Quebec is always an important scouting trip, because the province never lets us down.

Talent in abundance.

During our time at Camp Estival D’Excellence, in conjunction with the NPH Showcase circuit, we learned about many new prospects, while getting an opportunity to evaluate already identified talent.

In terms of what we found? On the boys side, there were a few true warriors, and several just going through the motions. There were student-athletes that were hungry for improvement and they proved it through their passion on the floor & their coachability—ability to take instruction and apply immediately.

We look forward to next year’s camp – a huge building block in the Quebec basketball community for 25-years and running!

Top Performers – Boys

To Randriasalama | St-Gabriel | Camp MVP

Most complete player at camp on and off the floor. First one in the gym, last one out. High character sponge that absorbs information and applies. Great size for position at point guard, with high level ball speed. Defensively, To uses his length As he continues to get experience at the lead guard position, he will be a load to handle down the road. Bright future ahead.

Hugo Saia | Brebeuf

Toughest player at camp, in terms of intensity, 50-50 balls and compete level. Nobody in the gym wanted to win more than Saia—compliment this attitude with a solid skill set as a shooter and finisher around the rim, and you have constant producer. Saia will need to improve defensively, along with his ball handling to ultimately play the combo guard position and raise his stock—one to keep track of at Brebeuf.

Yves Nsanzinshuti | Brebeuf Quebec City


Yves was the best playmaking point guard at camp. Off the pick and roll, in transition or on kick outs, this PG can see the floor and has very good passing ability. Yves has the speed to blow by defenders and draw double teams, whiles having the I.Q to dish to teammates regularly, and create easy scoring opportunities. The compact lead guard also proved to be able to hit from behind the arch–an area he will need to continue working as a smaller point guard, in order to keep defenses honest and spread the floor.

Trevaughn Minott | St-Laurent

The big fella has one of the highest characters in camp–a gentle giant off the floor, but a fierce competitor on it. Minott’s best trait at this point is his defensive prowess and ability to anchor the D, with his size, length, communication and overall engagement. He some times over plays attempted blocks that leads him into foul trouble, however as he continues to mature. he will grow to be more patient on both ends of the floor. Arguably the best long-term prospect at camp.

Benjamin Datro | St-Laurent

Benjamin DatroDatro, who will make his NPA debut this fall, had his ups and down at Estival D’Excellence. Datro without question has the goods, and will continue to elevate his game as he continues to mature mentally. He has all the physical tools and skills to be an elite PG, and will take it to new heights when he begins elevating his troops around him. We look forward to witnessing his growth through the upcoming season with St Laurent.

Yannice Nlend | Brébeuf Quebec | Defensive player of the week 

The youngest player in the Excellence group, Yannice regularly took on the challenge of guarding the best player on the opposition. Bringing a strong body, base and good foot speed, this is a great start for Yannice, in terms of building his player identity on the defensive side of the ball–a trait rarely seen in prospects. Strong showing for Nlend to get himself on the national radar.

Carl-Frédéric Dubois | Brebeuf – Most Improved 

CFD was the most improved player at camp from start to finish. He broke out toward the end of the camp, after starting slow. His next step is building consistency and confidence.

Honourable Mentions – Upside

The following four players have major upside and talent, however are currently lacking intangible traits that will take them to the next level. Once they lock in and understand attention to detail, high level work ethic, taking advantage of opportunity and commitment to excellence on and off the floor, they have a chance to be some of the best prospects in the entire province. Attitude WINS!

Max Herve – Jeanne Mance

Jonathan Sanon – Jeanne Mance

Kevin Paul – Dorval Jean 23rd

Jameel Phillips | Dorval Jean 23rd

Top Performers – Girls

Angelie Ricard | G | St-Jean – MVP

Ricard has a good frame, height and skillset which is very appealing since she’s only in grade 9. She matched up physically against her grade 12 (CEGEP) adversaries. She used her size to draw contact with hesitation moves, which made her hard to guard. She also displayed a very good shooting stroke from distance which she converted numerous open shots. Defensively, she was active on ball defender and weak side defender.

Roxanne Makolo | G | Dawson – Game Performance

Currently the standout of the group. She’s an athletic physical combo guard with good a frame and wingspan.

She is able to draw fouls and get to the free throw line at will. Roxane was able to cause havoc on the defensive side of the ball by using of her length and anticipation.

She will definitely be an impact player in the upcoming season for Dawson Cegep.

Wendy Mboukep | W | La Salle

Wendy Mboukep is a grade 10 player (wing) with an above average frame with a thick body.

Her physical stature and level of aggression allowed her to the get rim against the grade 12 players.

She has a decent shooting stroke and will benefit from a higher activity level defensively.

Clara Bergeron | W | St Jean

Clara is grade 9 player (wing/post) with excellent height; she measures 6’1” with long arms.

She’s fluid athlete that runs the floor well. During the scrimmage she had multiple put packs, she also displayed a good shooting touch for a big girl and her dribbling skills were more than adequate for her size.

Penelope Castillo | F | Longueuil

Penelope Castillo is a grade 10 player that has an above average height at 6’1” despite her tall frame she’s not a traditional post/center player, she displayed guard like dribbling skills coupled with a good court vision which enables her to initiate her teams
early offense. She also has possesses an excellent footwork in the

Kyana Jade Poulin |  G | Charles Lemoyne 

Kyana is grade nine player that possesses an above average frame and athleticism for a combo guard. She’s a crafty player with versatile ball handling skills, change of direction and crossover, which allows her to get anywhere on the court.

She’s also a versatile defender. Her length and quickness allows her to be an excellent defender when covering guards but she can also cover post and centers due to her strong frame and strength.

Justine Darsigny | Maisonneuve | Most improved Player at Camp

Naomie Gromko, Sorel – Best Attitude at Camp

Honourable Mention – On the Come Up

Chloe Oliver | G | Notre Dame de Lourdes 

Chloe is grade 8 player (guard) that has an average frame but has very good dribbling skills with an excellent acceleration, change of pace and crossover moves which allowed her get to the free throw line numerous times. She also displayed a good shooting touch from the free throw line and long distance. She’s an active on ball defender.

Tariq Sbiet

Written by Tariq Sbiet

NPH National Scout, tracking Canada's TOP prospects from high school to the NBA. With a genuine passion for the game, you will find Sbiet in the bleachers of most major tournaments and events across Canada & the United States -- Discovering talent from coast-to-coast, while absorbing knowledge at every opportunity. Sbiet has covered the game at every level, combining a basketball and media background with a degree in Media & Journalism from the University of Guelph-Humber. *Inspiration is the spark plug to success*


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