This is a scouting report of the top prospects released by Junior National Scout Nik Zefi from the London Junior Showcase that took place at HB Beal on August 7th-8th 2017.

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Joshua Lawrence (2022) – Guard – Compass Basketball

Being named MVP of the London JR NPH Showcase seemed all but inevitable for Joshua Lawrence, as this 6’2 guard stood out from the beginning right to the end. Lawrence showed well across the board starting with good shooting mechanics. His arc and ball placement were good, and he was able to make a consistent amount of three pointers on spot up jump shots. Lawrence also had good dribbling strength by being under control, and dribbling with a purpose. He also used his good body control to score inside and his quick second jump to punish opposition on the offensive boards. Lastly, he was the best overall two way player at camp, bringing it on defense nearly every possession with good balance, strength and anticipation. Moving forward, as Lawrence continues to build more of a package with his dribble and in-between game look out for this prospect in the future.

Dominic Kanters (2023) – Power Forward – UPlay

Dominic Kanters, a six foot three 162-pound forward from London, Ontario was the most skilled big man at camp. Scoring 21 points in the final game, Kanters showed that he has a great stroke hitting both two and three point baskets with relative ease and a tight knit stroke mechanically. Kanters also displayed a stroke dribble game with good footwork for a prospect at his size. He consistently was able to get where he wanted to with hop steps, spin moves, and ball fakes. With Kanters continuing to work on his overall athleticism (speed, quickness, and hops) look for him to be one of the best players in the 2023 class.

Andrew Loyuk (2023) – Point Guard – S.T.A.G Elite

Loyuk is a stocky guard with a feel for the game that far surpasses his years at the point guard position. This prospect can go both ways with the ball in his hands, sees the floor very well, and is always under control. Loyuk uses his strong body along with a crafty dribble to motor around defenders and finish at the rim, or has the vision and court sense to find his teammates. He rarely makes mistake and commits turnovers. Loyuk also shoots the ball well with good arc and strong mechanics, especially off the dribble. He consistently made three pointers from well beyond the high school three point arc and always had good balance and base when shooting. His on ball and off ball defense is the skill that this talented Windsor PG will need to work on to completely unlock his potential.

Imran Armstrong (2022) – Point Guard – London Gold Medal

Armstrong was a spark plug in the final prospect game as the 5’9 PG scored all of his 17 points in the second half. With a very good transition game, Armstrong was under control, poised, and able to finish with both hands at the rim. He also has good control in the half court making good decisions off of his first step after beating the initial defender. Also, Armstrong was able to take and make three pointers with a solid shooting stroke. With continued work on his body and more work on his overall handle, Armstrong is a quality choice at the guard position.

Van Taylor (2023) – Centre – Compass Basketball

Being the most bruising and active big man at camp, Van Taylor was relentless in his pursuit of the ball all weekend long. This 6’3 big man had great positioning and anticipation in the paint as with his timely blocks on Joshua Lawrence, he helped seal the win for his squad in the final prospects game. Taylor is a asset to any team as he understands the game, sets good screens, and defends at a high level. Very receptive to coaching, his rebounding and ability to block shots was by far the most advanced part of his game. As he continues to develop his on ball skills, this will be a prospect we will hear about from the region in the future.

Nik Zefi

Written by Nik Zefi

Nik Zefi is a @NorthPoleHoops correspondent providing Canadian basketball coverage on the high school, CIS & NCAA levels.


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