The following report is the third of five, released by Junior National Scout Nik Zefi from the Toronto Junior Showcase that took place at Upper Canada College on May 13-14th 2017.

Read Scouting Report 2 of 5 here.

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D’Andre Ormsby (2023) – Point Guard – Toronto City Elite

A threat from the land beyond, D’Andre Ormsby turned out to be one of the most consistent outside threats from the NPH Showcase. At 5’2 this 2023 talent contains good mechanics and arc on his jumper, hitting both mid range and long ball jimmys.

Ormsby’s strength is typically the catch and shoot jumpers from either the right elbow three, or the corner pocket. A passionate competitor, here is a feisty guard who has good handles, and has shown the ability to finish in the lane as well.

As he continues to grow and takes on a next play type mentality, Ormbsy will really have a chance to maximize his potential.

Jahllijah Grant 2022 – Shooting Guard – Mississauga Monarchs

Possessing a very elite midset for his age, Jahllijah Grant was one the most aggressive prospects at the Showcase. Grant was very tough mentally and did not take off any possessions. With a great compete level, Grant motored through every play and did not allow anything to impede him mentally.

Couple that with a strong stature, good length and size and here is one of the top defenders that came to the showcase. A good offensive threat as well, Grant score 12 points in the final game, hitting a combination of lay-up and working the offensive glass. Look for Grant to work on his three ball and handles moving into his grade 9 season.

Liam Craven 2022 – Shooting Guard – Blessed Sacrament

In Liam Craven you have probably a top 3 deep three-ball shooter in the entire class. Craven had a uncanny ability to hit three pointers 2, 3, and even 4 feet behind the three point line.

A high IQ player, Craven used his ability to the hit the three pointer in his advantage when it came to cutting and using screens during the showcase. His team play, and great off the ball concepts makes him a great asset on the floor.

With a greater emphasis on ball handling, as Craven continues to grow as a player expect to see a better handle and penetration game from the Ancaster native.

Kwame Herrod 2022 – Point Guard – Mississauga Monarchs

Quick, speedy, and very deceptive with the ball in his hands, Kwame Herrod herky jerky game made him a tough cover one on one. Herrod is very creative with the ball as he is able to put together a string of combination moves equating to oppurtunities to make positive plays for his side.

Standing at 5’4, Herrod’s emotionally filled on ball defense is relentless especially in full court situations. With his speed, Herrod is able to close out and recover to multiple spots, and has good active hands in his stance.

With more added court sense, and controlled purpose with the ball Herrod is a prospect that is budding.

Nik Zefi

Written by Nik Zefi

Nik Zefi is a @NorthPoleHoops correspondent providing Canadian basketball coverage on the high school, CIS & NCAA levels.


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