Seven years ago was the last time LeBron James lost to a team in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

That amount of time can be viewed as a generation, a change of the guard. After Monday night’s loss to the King and his men, 7 years ago in 2010 seems like ions ago and LeBron’s reign of terror looks to continue for more years to come, unless Dwayne Casey can fabricate some of the same genius that led him and the Dallas Mavericks to victory over LBJ and a newly formed basketball superpower in Miami back in 2011.

Shifting the focus back to Toronto, and the mountain they must climb despite being down only 1 game, the Raps must shift around personnel and try to unlock the near impossible puzzle of dethroning King James.

Maybe more playing time from other Raptor big men, the energetic Lucas “Bebe” Nogueira and rookies Pascal Siakam and Jakob Poeltl can bring some more intensity on the glass and lock up important rebounds against the reigning champs.

Versatility seems to be the answer when slowing down LeBron and keeping Cleveland’s shooters from making shots. Patterson, Tucker and Ibaka will be key factors and need to step up to the plate and backup allstars DeRozan and Lowry.

Toronto can’t expect to win when Valanciunas is consistently being exposed by a faster Tristan Thompson and a Cleveland pick and roll offence ran to perfection.

Tonight, we will get to see what defensive minded Coach Casey has in store for Game 2. Tip off is scheduled for 7 PM EST.

Nick Hudson

Written by Nick Hudson

Nick is a contributor to North Pole Hoops providing the hottest Canadian Basketball Content on the net. Email with story leads. Born and raised in Etobicoke. Hudson fell in love with the game growing up watching Allen Iverson. Studied Radio-Broadcasting at Humber, with an interest in sports broadcasting.


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