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One thought on “Live Stream – NPA National Championships

  1. saverio lombardo says:

    Good game between CT vs LBA in a heart fought battle between two good teams. CT awoke in the 4th quarter and needed an extra 3 minutes to possibly change the outcome of the game.

    Lastly, going forward in the future I hope the prep league change it’s policies going forward on each team carrying a minimum of at least 9 or possibly 10 players.

    A team like LBA that carries only 8 players via be devasting if one or two players were to lose time or go down to injury. The season is a grind and regardless of how fit or good your sport medicine is it does take a toll on the body. Thankfully their was a good break after the Windsor tournament going into the Nationals with a team like LBA benefiting from the rest via 8 players playing all those heavy minutes in previous games.

    I get it – with a smaller team you get more development, increased playing time and exposure.- which is all great and what this league is all about. The flip side to this equation is the possible long term effects
    on the athletes bodies. So many miles of wear and tear on these kids bodies before they even reach the next level.

    I urge you to read espn article hurt locker rooms – the four injury risks today young players face.

    I really enjoy this league – take care

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