#MixtapeMadness continues…

2018 6’4 guard Eman Eman out of Gatineau, QC starts his first season with Toronto Basketball Academy on a high note.

He has quickly developed a reputation as one of the best lock down perimeter defenders in Canada, guarding 1-3.

Toughness, strength, speed are key attributes for Eman, a slash first guard.

The region of Gatineau has produced quality talent over the years, namely Olivier Hanlan and Kevin Zabo…with Eman on the come up.

Catch Eman and Toronto Basketball Academy March 31-April 2 as they compete for the first EVER NPA National championship!

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One thought on “Eman-Yak Eman Mixtape – NEXT from Gatineau!

  1. L. Apouc says:

    Excellent for Gatineau and Ottawa area where Eman grow up and starts his game.

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