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52 points, 30 points in the fourth quarter, including 7-of-7 from deep, and a historic effort from uncommitted senior point guard Zubair Seyed was not enough for St Benedict as St Mike’s was able to pull out the 71-70 victory for OFSAA gold.

Nonetheless, Seyed’s performance will go down as arguably the best performance in OFSAA history, and some observers are calling it THE BEST.

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7 thoughts on “52 Points from Zubair Seyed…Best OFSAA Performance Ever?

  1. Stan Kamzol says:

    Unique CDN high school sporting event. What was witnessed in North Bay last night must be considered the single most memorable display of grit and excellence by a high school point guard. Not only was the fourth quarter worth its own promotional tape but the effect he had on his teammates and St Mike’s is without comparison. Truly one for the ages. 52 points aside .. what we saw was leadership in the moment. @Coach_K1

  2. MG says:

    It’s sad because Zubair has always been clutch and it’s unfortunate that people are just starting to realize that. Small city of Cambridge and he put his city on his back. He earned his spot as the number one player in the country and putting all the basketball politics to the side, he should be in the Bio-Steel game no doubt about it. #League

  3. jp says:

    Jordan Henry shows up on Thonlea s.s. prep and Pine ridge rosters this year. Does he play for both teams or did he transfer?

  4. S.K says:

    I’ve been following this kid for roughly a year now. After seeing this kid play for the first time last night was unbelievable. The fourth quarter was without a doubt one of the greatest performance I have witnessed from I Canadian Kid.

  5. jason mckenzie says:

    It has to be the best performance ever! It reminded me of Kobe Bryant’s 81 point game against the Raptors. It’s incredible to see a player in the “ZONE!” I don’t know the history of OFSAA basketball. Has anyone ever even scored 40 points in an OFSAA final?? He drops 52 points and was hitting trey balls like layups. I certainly hopes he gets into the Bio Steel All Canadian game and an invite to the Canadian junior National Team tryouts. That kid is a winner and will be some U Sport university prized recruit for the 2017-2018 season.

  6. Ray says:

    Best performance ever seen! This guy should be part of the NBA especially after #52! Making the “small town” Cambridge proud with gifted talent. Z deserves to be given the title of number 1 player in the country.

  7. Pistol says:

    Yes, greatest individual performance EVER ! He scored 18 pts in one 3 min. stretch!! 18 pts in 3 min!!!! 2 for 2 FT’s, 2 for 2 drives, AND 4 for 4 TOUGH 3 pt’ers !!! With 6:21 left in 4th Qrt, St Mike’s up 21 pts- 3 min 6sec later they’re up 3 !!! HOT HOT HEAT !!!!

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