With the 2017 AAA OFSAA tournament set to tip off in North Bay in less than 24 hours, the 16 teams have been seeded and it includes familiar names like St Mike’s (#2) Pine Ridge (#3) Oakwood (#6) Vaughan (#10) among others.

Earning the #1 seed is St Benedict’s representing Cambridge, ON, who hold a 45-4 overall record with one loss against the OFSAA field (Pine Ridge).

SBSS is a well coached and well balanced team, with talent at every position – Zubair Seyed at the point, joined by sharpshooter Justin Malnerich and 6’10 Evan Rodenburg holding down the fort in the middle.

Then you have some sleeper teams that could make noise, like a young and hungry St Marcellinus team out of Mississauga, or perhaps a St Patrick’s squad out of Ottawa, who typically represent the region at OFSAA.

Who will be crowned champ?

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Who Will Win 2017 AAA OFSAA?

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10 thoughts on “Who Will Win 2017 AAA OFSAA?

  1. AT says:

    St. Benedict’s is a very talented team but St. Michaels is to experienced. Danilo Djurcic, Kobey Lam, Inaki Alvarez, and Kyle Duke might prove to much for the rest of the OFSAA AAA field..

  2. Jim Thomas says:

    Ofssa is a battle of who is playing well depth and star players stepping up when the spot light shines brightest. Three teams have dominant point guards St Benedicts with Zubair Seyed Pine Ridge with Jordan Henry and Cardinal Newman with Maliek Gordon. St Mikes has the best player with Danilo Djuricic. I like St Benedicts balance depth size and experience. They have played a great schedule and have worked hard for five years for this moment. The final four should be high school basketball at its best. Even though the depth of talent is no longer there in the high school game this is still a great tradition to watch in March for we basketball fans.

  3. jp says:

    All 8 games were blow outs closes game was 12 pts.Tommorrow’s match up look to be the same trend.

  4. Chief says:

    Two games that should be decent games tomorrow are Saltfleet VS John Paul II and St. marcellinus VS Vaughn. The other 6 games look to be quiet lopsided..

  5. Tyler says:

    Wow Collingwood Collegiate played incredible today. Really surpassed my expectations. First knocking of a good Northern team then losing in Over time to a very talented Cardinal Newman Team!

  6. jr says:

    Nice steal by the refs in the bennies v st mikes game

  7. E says:

    Two words… Zubair Seyed… insane game.

  8. Coach says:

    Zubair Seyed 52 points.. 25 points in the 4th quarter. 7 for 7 from 3 in the 4th quarters. Might be the best single performance I’ve seen in a OFSAA championship game. However it wasn’t enough as St. Mikes come away with a 71-70 victory. St. Mikes big man Atik Gilao came in clutch for the Blue Raiders.

  9. Jim Thomas says:

    With his 52 points in the OFSSA final Zubair Seyed has become a Canadian high school legend. The kid has been unbelievable this year. Every U Sports basketball coach will be beating a path to this young mans door over the next few weeks. He doesn’t pass the look test when he comes on the court but his feel for the game and skill set are unmatched.

  10. mf23 says:

    Tough to compete with teams that can give $20k “bursaries” (scholarships) and teams that every year somehow have kids “miraculously” move into their area for second semester

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