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Visit The Health Institute to learn more!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Dr Joel Kerr of The Health Institute

  1. saverio lombardo says:

    I have tried reaching out to both north pole hoops and/or Elias Sbiet via twitter but unfortunately no twitter response but they are busy so I totally understand.. I am quite encouraged by Dr. Kerr promotional video on this site and looking forward to see what he put’s out. Besides the education for the basketball athlete, what about the coaching staff? – are they being educated and how they play the biggest role in relation to the training process, sport science and sport medicine. Many times the basketball athlete in my observation falls victim to everyone working in their own salo’s. As a result, it looks good on paper for the parent viewing the organization on the internet typically display’s the coaching staff, sport medicine guy, strength coach and possible sport nutritionist and athletic director. However, when you look deeper behind the scenes it’s all smoke and mirrors for their is no real communication between the coaching staff, sport medicine staff and strength coach. Many times their is not a sports monitoring system in place that ensures all parties involve are on the same page and more importantly takes in account the health of the athlete and higher sport performance throughout the season because of the monitoring system.

    For example but not limited to the following:
    * Are these young basketball players performing daily wellness questionnaires that takes less than 1 minute to do on google docs, excel spreadsheet, cell phone or in some cases via software program – Again instaneously like a dash board on your car it’s lets all parties know what is athlete is trending up and what athlete is trending down with a possible intervention or communication with the athlete.
    * Are these young basketball players taking resting heart rates first thing in the morning via tracking it on a daily basis and/or have the technology to look at heart rate variability. Which gives some insight on how the athlete is recovering and are parasympathetic vs sympathetic.
    * Are these players being educated on training vs regeneration sessions/active recovery workouts vs prehab/rehab work throughout the week – everyone wants to do the sexy stuff and stimulate or should I say annihilate the athlete but no one actually see’s to it true regeneration sessions are actually being performed with the players on certain days to maximize the nervous system for the next hard session – many time it’s left to the athlete to do it on their own and unfortunately the athlete think foam rolling will do the trick or they just don’t do at all – It’ no surprise as the season goes on residual stiffness or joint restrictions hit it’s breaking point.
    * This monitoring system that I am talking about lets the coach, athlete, sport medicine and strength coach know how each athlete is adapting on a daily basis to practices, strength sessions, games and so forth – If you don’t know how they are responding on a daily or a weekly basis you are missing the boat on high sport performance and in jury reduction principles from a weekly loading perspective. – Is this system perfect by no means for not everyone can afford an omegawave – but does if give you feedback on how the athletes are trending – yes, and as a result promotes better decision making throughout the week and to the games.
    – Are these young basketball players being monitored from a neuromuscular point of view – which is the underpinning of strength and power and I can talk about this in a separate article.
    * Are these young basketball players being taught to fill out daily sPRE for all their practices, games, strength sessions and recovery sessions – simply put in less than 1 minute a player will quantify their response to the daily loads for above items that
    I mentioned. As a result you can nicely quantify the total training load for the week, monotony and training strain through an excel spreadsheet (colour coded system) or specialize software .

    All this stuff that I mentioned and their is much more is easy to do, inexpensive, evidence based and more importantly promotes conversation between the athlete and the coaching staff/sport medicine team/strength coach. It demands all parties including the athlete to be an active participant in monitoring the athletes heath and sport performance which leads to higher performance on the court. Without a true actionable monitoring system put in place especially in-season the athlete will get smaller, weaker and less powerful as the season goes on because of mismanagement of the athlete due to a poor monitoring system and/or lack of communication between all parities involved. In some cases if the coach is resistant to a true monitoring system – what typically happens because they were not proactive they become reactive and everyone works like firefighters to put out the fires especially when it comes to nagging injuries.

    I will close my long ass reply with this quote that has a long hung on the wall in the locker room of the San Antonio Spurs

    It reads: “Look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”

    As with injuries, “it’s often not that 101st blow, but it was really the 100 things that came before that set everything into motion.

    Remember everyone you need buy in from the coach and everyone communicating with each other – if not – it only hurts the athlete in the long run.

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