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Keenan Dowell is an uncommitted senior guard out of British Columbia. At 6’5 Dowell has great size for his position and can play both guard spots, with the ability to distribute or be a primary scorer.

The lefty is an ultimate competitor, never backing down and constantly in attack mode. At the NPA Western Conference Session, Dowell averaged 20.5 points per game over four contests, while displaying a full skill set–scoring behind the arch, pulling up in the mid range and finishing at the rim or drawing a double team to create open opportunities for teammates.

Tennessee, Rice, Niagara, Elon, Washington St, Utah St, Denver, Lafayette, Princeton, Ottawa, Guelph and Trinity Western are programs that have expressed interest. Dowell is a high academic student, holding a 3.9 GPA.

Dowell & BC Christian willl be back in Ontario for the NPA’s league-wide session in Windsor Dec 17-20, where BC will take on teams from the Eastern Conference – RNS, CTA, Central Tech and TBA.

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4 thoughts on “Keenan Dowell – TOP UNCOMMITTED PROSPECT from Western Canada!

  1. brendan says:

    We have watched and supported the NPH site for many years and been impressed with the insight and knowledge for high school ball. however, found now its important to speak out. Watching the recent NPH camp out West alpng with the jpast months of social media, it was clear that the prep players and programs receive considerable attention. if its about business, thats OK, just dont promote yourself as the leaders of high school hoops when very little info is about the true high school teams or player’s. .

    It sounds like Dowell is a great player, need to ask though, What year is he born and what grade? and what criteria have you used to determine that he is the best uncommitted from Western Canada? its a bold statement to say he is the best, in the same breath, we have seen little media attention from NPH to any high school teams/players in Western Canada this year. all the attention has been on the Prep players and teams. Since the Prep league started, there has been little attention to high school basketball, let alone to Western Canada. Its clear NPH has been focused on the prep players/program and and the high school players have not been considered. I hope we are wrong.

  2. Malik says:

    Brendan is right man. All I have honestly seen from this site this year is the NPA. It feels like there is little coverage on players on normal HS teams this year. I was looking forward to the Canadian HS Rankings this year but I didn’t even see one mention of it. Don’t get me wrong though, its good that you guys are covering the prep kids and they seem to be working very hard to achieve their dreams. I just feel that you guys should give players/programs from normal high schools some love as well if you’re going to call yourselves the “Leaders of Canadian Basketball”, not just the prep players and the prep programs.

  3. I fully agree. Although I love hearing about the top level play of the NPA and OSBA other high school teams need to be given some recognition as well . For example St. Benedict’s is having a incredible year losing something like 4 games this year.. and not one mention of them on NPH.. West Humber also having a stellar year. Please show some love to the kids grinding out in the OFSAA leagues and high school level compitition.

  4. Fan says:

    I agree with all the comments here, there are so many talented players in Western Canada at public high schools and nothing is ever said about them. It’s great that Canada is producing so many high quality players, but what about those guys who don’t have the opportunity to play at a prep school? Canada is a big country and there’s plenty of talent outside Ontario – let’s get some recognition happening nation wide!

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