Canadian Basketball prospects from all over the country including British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario met in Toronto and Oakville this past weekend for the NPA Western Conference Session!


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2 thoughts on “Canadian Basketball Prospects SHOW OUT @ NPA Western Conference Session!

  1. Canadian basketball fan says:

    Great clip. Good job guys. Interesting though that Keenan Dowell is not here. Haven’t seen him in action before. But to me he was the one who really stood out and was most impressive this weekend. very skilled and poised. Great outside shot and even better penetration. Finishes skillfully around the basket, even with contact. Doesn’t have the flash of some of the others, but seems to have great character — dominant yet also modest and looks to share the ball (also from the interview you had with him). Could be a great floor general for the right D1 team and then an excellent pro. Hope he finds a good spot at the next level.

  2. Canadian basketball fan says:

    And thanks also for bringing all these games. It’s great to watch the emerging talent. On another note, I’ve been trying to contact you guys through the email given on your website, but didn’t manage to do it. Is it possible for you to contact me through the email I provide here?

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