What to Expect from British Columbia Christian Academy?


The British Columbia Christian Academy Panthers (2-1) enter Ontario to take on London Basketball Academy (6-3) GTA Prep (2-5) and 3Kings Prep (1-5) at the NPA Western Conference Session.

This session will kick off at St Michael’s College on Friday with a double header, followed by action at Sheridan College (Oakville, ON).

In their first three games of the season against fellow Western Canada contingent Notre Dame (Saskatchewan), the Panthers were able to edge out the series 2-1.

“I think we’re better now than we’ve ever been,” said Head Coach Doug Dowell, speaking on the progress of the season, and chemistry that has been building.

The Panthers are lead by senior 6’5 guard Keenan Dowell, 6’7 Marijan Obad and 6’5 Przemek Golek (2019). 

In addition, the British Columbia squad brings depth in size with eight players on the roster ranging from 6’5 to 6’9.

If our team plays to its potential, we will be okay…expect us to get out in transition and run,” explained Dowell.

The Panthers will take on a different style and pace.

Notre Dame Head Coach Adam Huffman spoke about the adjustments that needed to be made after ND’s first trip to Ontario.

“It’s a different style, speed and its officiated differently…our first experience prepared us.”

Stamina was a key factor when taking into account the cross country travel combined with games.

As a result, the Hounds have been running the beep test weekly, developing mental and physical toughness.

Both Western Canada teams are healthy and ready to go.



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