The NPA Holiday Challenge featured exciting action from high flying plays to buzzer beaters, courtesy of Canadian basketball prospects from all over the country. The video above includes the following:
-2018 6’5 SF Jashon Henry (Notre Dame)
-2018 6’6 F Kevin Osawe (Central Tech)
-2018 6’2 PG Jalen Warren (London Basketball Academy)
-2017 6’7 F Manel Ayol (Canada Topflight Academy)
-2018 6’4 G Eman Eman (Toronto Basketball Academy)
-2019 6’7 G AJ Lawson (GTA Prep)
-2018 6’5 SG Jackson Mayers (London Basketball Academy)
-2018 6’3 PG Cordell Veira (Toronto Basketball Academy)
-2018 6’3 F Graddy Kanku (Canada Topflight Academy)
-2018 6’3 G Steven Rwahwire (Central Tech)
-2018 6’3 G Isaiah Cromwell-Wright (Central Tech)
-2018 6’6 F Deiondre Reid (Central Tech)
-2019 6’0 PG Adefolarin Adetogun (Notre Dame)
-2017 6’5 G Chris Hankins (Central Tech)
-2019 6’3 G Aiden Warnholtz (Canada Topflight Academy)
-2017 6’1 PG John Jonathan  (Central Tech)
-2018 6’2 G Deandre Pierre (GTA Prep)
-2018 6’4 F Aman Gergis (Notre Dame)
-2018 6’3 G Shol Ayach (Notre Dame)

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