Eddie Ekiyor has committed to Carleton University–NPH #5-ranked prospect in the country has decided to remain in Canada.

The 6’9 power forward was previously committed to Xavier University (NCAA) and expected to debut this fall.

Several questions have been raised as to why Ekiyor would leave Xavier of the BIG East to remain in the CIS.

eddie-ekiyorI caught up with Ravens Head Coach Dave Smart who expressed that Eddie and his family made a decision based on life and basketball.

Ekiyor received a conditional discharge based on a hit and run last summer.

Essentially, he received a second chance considering his history as a high character kid with a clean record.

With that second chance, the Ekiyor’s felt most comfortable to have their son remain close to home, according to Smart.

As for the basketball aspect, the Carleton Ravens are a well documented program as it pertains to high level basketball–a proven program at the highest of levels, consistently defeating NCAA D1 programs every summer ranging from high major to low major competition. Not to mention, Carleton has won 12 of the last 14 national titles in the CIS, including six straight.

Moreover, the development that Smart and the CU program bring to the table have proven second to none.

The Ravens currently boast six players competing professionally around the world including Phil, Thomas Scrubb and Aaron Doornekamp. In the last 12 years, the number of PROS that the program has produced hovers around 20, with three more expected this year according Smart.

As for Ekiyor, his goals haven’t changed. Just as any young student-athlete, the dream is to make it to the NBA.

Smart and co. will help support Ekiyor’s dream through skill and mental development–repetition.

“Our goal is to get him to the NBA,” Smart told NPH.

If that were to happen, Ekiyor would be the second player ever to be drafted in to the NBA in the modern era draft, since Will Njoku in 1994

eddie ekiyor new hampton

Phil Scrubb who has had arguably the highest PRO stock in CIS history, was able to jump on a couple NBA Summer League teams (Memphis, Toronto) as a 6’3 point guard who went through the rigours of CU training, and now has pro experience under his belt in Greece and Germany.

Now, Smart has a 6’9 physical specimen to work with.

“Eddie is physically the best that we’ve ever had,” said Smart.

If you look at Carleton’s track record of development, you will see the growth, consistency and evolution.

The Ottawa, Ontario product will be surrounded by a winning culture and could help Carleton make history, yet again.

Ekiyor is the highest North Pole Hoops ranked (#5) prospect to ever commit to a Canadian University.

This news will bring a new level of excitement to the nation’s capital, Carleton University and CIS basketball.

Tariq Sbiet

Written by Tariq Sbiet

NPH National Scout, tracking Canada's TOP prospects from high school to the NBA. With a genuine passion for the game, you will find Sbiet in the bleachers of most major tournaments and events across Canada & the United States -- Discovering talent from coast-to-coast, while absorbing knowledge at every opportunity. Sbiet has covered the game at every level, combining a basketball and media background with a degree in Media & Journalism from the University of Guelph-Humber. *Inspiration is the spark plug to success*


3 thoughts on “Eddie Ekiyor Commits to Carleton, High Major Talent Will Play in CIS

  1. THB says:

    Hi Tariq. Did not see Eddie on the bench yesterday, but I only stayed for the first quarter. CU has a history of giving kids a second chance. Why not, they are only kids, all of them deserve a second chance. At Carleton he will find a coach who truly cares.

  2. perry tweed says:

    So far Eddie has been doing quite well with the Ravens. That should come as no surprise. However, I wonder about Eddie’s future in basketball as far as the NBA goes. As accomplished as the Carleton program is, Ekiyor not going to Xavier is definitely a blow to his NBA chances. The fact of the matter is virtually no player has made the NBA coming out of Canadian university basketball. If Eddie were to do that coming out of Carleton that I believe would be a first. It is pretty obvious the hit and run incident is why Eddie is now where he is. I don’t believe Eddie can at this point legally enter the US because of his conviction, which made going to Xavier not possible. If that is indeed the case will his status change by the time he graduates? That is why I think his future in pro basketball lies overseas not in the NBA.

    1. Jeff Mackwood says:

      From his first game on the court as a Carleton Raven, I have predicted that Eddie will be drafted into the NBA after he finishes his five years with the team. Nothing in the year since has led me to change that prediction.

      And you did believe and think wrong regarding his ability to play in the US: Eddie had no problem leading Carleton to victory over Providence on October 28th, 2017. In his 37 minutes, he scored 22 pts, had 14 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 blocks and 6 steals.

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