North Pole Hoops has announced the Girls Showcase Circuit, starting on the East Coast August 19 – 21 in Sackville, New Brunswick at Mount Allison University. 

The Mount Allison Showcase begins a circuit that spans coast to coast, heading to Windsor, Hamilton, and Edmonton. Deon Wilson, NPH’s National Girls Scout, knows the importance of providing Canadian girls the same exposure and development NPH has brought to the boy side over these past years.

“We’re trying to build a basketball culture on the Women’s side, so women are supporting women’s sports at a greater level,” says Wilson. “We want that same level of intensity and competitiveness you see on the men’s side translate over to the women’s side.”

“For the boys, a guy in Toronto knows who a guy like Nate Darling is out on the East Coast because they are competitors, but the women’s side lacks that mentality and we want to raise that culture of excellence from coast to coast.”

One of the main problems Canadian basketball faces is perspective. Being the the best player in British Columbia is very different than being the best player in Toronto or New York or Los Angeles, and players and coaches complacency in that regard is what prevents them from getting to the next level.

Steve Nash did not settle with being the best player in B.C, or even Canada, and it was that drive that led him to greatness. The Showcase Circuit is meant to expand that competitive culture across Canada, and to help Canadians realize that we have the potential to be the very best in the world, not just in your own Province.

National Scout on the boys side and Co-Owner of North Pole Hoops, Elias Sbiet, weighs in on the Girls Circuit.

“It’s been a long time coming. From the day that North Pole Hoops was founded we knew that we had to deliver everything that we do for the boys on the girls side as well. Over the past six years the brand has built the credibility and team necessary to provide the same exposure to boys and girls, men and women.”

“The boys are spoiled with exposure, the girls are hungry for it and they cant be ignored. Our women’s National Team is making noise globally so you know the next crop of young talent is ready to bring it.”


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13 thoughts on “NPH Girls Showcase Circuit Announced

  1. CHRIS says:

    Will the circuit stop by Québec?

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      Yes indeed! We are excited to be back in Montreal to identify all the talent — Quebec basketball is a SLEEPING GIANT.
      For more information and registration, check out this link

      1. Chris says:

        Thanks but I was asking about the girls circuit. I think the link is for the boys circuit.

    2. Keith says:

      Who is the coaching staff at Mount Allison ID session. I do not see that anywhere.

  2. Robb Best says:

    Please send me info for the girls showcase in Edmonton. Thanks.

  3. robert best says:

    Again, please send me the information for the girls showcase in Edmonton. Thank you.

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      Robert, there isn’t an Alberta camp schedule for girls at this time. Just East Coast

  4. Michelle Campbell says:

    When I look to register my daughter for the Sackville session, it directs me to the Cole Harbour sessions. Can you please send me the direct link to register for the women’s Mount A camp Aug 19-21st?
    Thank you

  5. Sally Goddard says:

    I registered my daughter for this but think I registered for the wrong one, could you send me the direct link for the one in sackville , women’s Mount A camp Aug 19-21 st?

    Thank You

  6. Dorcas says:

    Hi Just wondering if there is a showcase link for quebec Females?

  7. Shehab says:

    I injured my hand and cannot play in the showcase but I already have a ticket. Is there a refund or should I just come to the camp to listen and learn?

  8. Jason Van Dusen says:

    Good Afternoon

    I am just inquiring about registering my daughter for the Brampton showcase.(she is in grade 11) I am just wondering where I can register and what she will need to register. We are very excited about this league. Any information that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You


  9. Mercedes Mazzuca says:

    Can someone please send me more information for the NPH showcase circuit for girls in Windsor or Hamilton. Even just a registration form would be great.

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