Jonathan Tull, a small forward out of Pickering, had a very interesting journey on his way to where he is now, finishing up his final year of basketball with the University of Regina in the CIS. Next Level Media decided to document his story and put together Jonathan Tull: The Journey.

Tull played alongside the likes of Raptor’s Corey Joseph and his older brother Devoe, who played professionally in Montenegro last season. Pickering was stocked full of talent during his time there, which led to American scouts being in the building on a regular basis. 

Jonathan ended up at Central Connecticut State, a D1 school in the US, where he played for one season, averaging about five minutes a game off the bench.

After experiencing life as a basketball player in the States, Tull decided that heading back to Canada would be a better fit for him on the court, which paid off when he transferred to Acadia University and immediately started to make an impact.

Photo by Tim Krochak/The Chronicle Hearld

Photo by Tim Krochak/The Chronicle Hearld

At his two seasons out East, Tull averaged 10.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 1.3 steals a game on his way to an AUS Championship in 2011-2012. Despite the success found on the East Coast, Tull needed to make a change, and decided to reunite with his brother to end his CIS career.

Photo by Canada West

Photo by Canada West


Tull decided to transfer to the University of Regina, where his brother Brandon had been playing under Coach Steve Burrows.  In order to transfer, Tull sat out for the required year while working with NPH’s East Coast Analyst and trainer Deon Wilson, who put Tull through a regimen as tough as he had even seen and prepared him to be a cornerstone in Regina.

In Regina, Tull flourished on the court, improving his numbers averaging 19.5 points, 5.8 rebounds, 2.9 assists, and 1.7 steals a game.

In the final years of his CIS career, Jonathan Tull finished as a two-time Can West All-Star, all while completing a Master’s in Social Science, epitomizing the grind of a true Student-Athlete.

Sean Marranca

Written by Sean Marranca

Sean Marranca is an NPH Correspondent covering Canadian Basketball from high school to the NBA. Follow him on Twitter @Sean_NPH


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