Thon Maker has made the decision to forego college and declare for the NBA draft. This decision was made on the heels of Maker finishing up his recruiting visits.

The ultra skilled, 7’1 sudanese senior from Athlete’s Institute application is under review from the NBA.

According to From Jonathan Givony of Draft Express,”Maker believes he has a strong case to be considered draft eligible.” 

Maker falls within the legal age limit to declare for the draft. Furthermore, Satnam Singh in last years draft played a similar card.

Singh, the first ever Indian NBA player, also took the root of staying at high school for five-years before declaring for the draft. He was selected 52nd by the Dallas Mavericks.

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3 thoughts on “Thon Maker Declares for NBA Draft

  1. Toronto's Finest says:

    Who are the people helping guide this young man? & who’s interest is really being looked at here? Whoever is involved with helping Thon really need to give there head a shake! He needs much more development & time to grow as a player, Most importantly he needs to be in school! I wish Thon all the best! but I am concerned with the people surrounding him ( if they think this is the right choice )

  2. Baller15 says:

    Geez….. What a HORRIBLE move! Thon is such a humble, sweet, genuine young man. Who the HELL is guiding this guy? This Ed Smith dude should do a face palm… He ruined this kid.

  3. Hello says:

    Until you walk a mile in his shoes, we should try and keep the negative comments to the minimum ???
    He is still only 18 years old ??
    Maybe there are financial issues ??
    Kentucky forward from Haiti has declared for draft and no one thought that would happen !??
    Maybe he didn’t pass the education requirements??
    Like I certain player that went to Japan ?

    All I’m saying is wait till facts come out, we all know he would be a one and done player in college, so let’s just wait and see ??
    Do what’s best for you Mr. Maker !
    Good luck and all the best.

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