The 2020 class has graduated.

They have made the transition into high school, a transition that will undoubtedly bring along changes in their basketball, academic and social lives.

This transition and these changes will also be reflected within the 2020 class ranking as this top 10 is very far from set in stone.

Some guys will drop, some will rise, some will grow and some will shrink; and surely, there is a hidden 2020 gem somewhere in Canada working his tail off to get noticed. And he will.

Before we move on to the list, two guys have been brought to my attention that I have not yet had the pleasure of evaluating.

The first is Ladera Obang Ujulu, a 6’3 shooting guard from the Waterloo Wolverines. Ladera received much rave after his standout performance during the 2015 CNIT last July; he also had a strong showing at the 2015 NPH Hamilton Showcase. He will be playing his high school basketball at SJK in Waterloo.

The other prospect that has made a strong name for himself is Treyvon Thomas. Thomas plays out of Scarborough and now is at a prep school down south. His name has also consistently come up with coaches, fans and players when discussing the top 2020 prospects.

So without further ado, here is my take on the top 10 Ontario prospects for the 2020 class.

Nik Zefi

Written by Nik Zefi

Nik Zefi is a @NorthPoleHoops correspondent providing Canadian basketball coverage on the high school, CIS & NCAA levels.


62 thoughts on “Top 10 Ontario Basketball Player Rankings – 2020

  1. Abby k says:

    You keep continuing to spell.. Nick’s last name wrong. It is spelt Kwawukumey you totally skipp d the two letters. please change it. Thanks.

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      Abby, my apologies as that was the spelling I took from the sources I spoke to but, obviously, they weren’t right. I will make sure that the same mistake does not happen again.

      1. SplashBro says:

        Will you do a top 40 2020 class ? There are a lot of players who need the exposure.

  2. Tri-City Hoops says:

    Ladera Ujulu is at SJK this year.

  3. ballboy says:

    NPH – you identify certain obvious talents and other legitimate 2020 prospects that don’t play very well presently, and certain 2020 players that neither play at a top 10 level presently nor are they legitimate prospects.

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      Ballboy I appreciate your comment and interest in Canadian basketball! I was wondering which individual prospects you were referring to as your comment was very vague and I couldn’t group which prospects you were pointing out in your three categorizations as “certain obvious talents”, “other legitimate 2020 prospects that don’t play very well presently” and finally, “certain 2020 players that neither play at a top 10 level presently nor are they legitimate prospects.” Names are very helpful at this point because now its just left to my imagination and I wont be 100% accurate when separating prospects into these three categories. Furthermore, are there any prospects that I missed because, if so, I would love to hear your input and their names. Thanks!

  4. ballboy says:

    If you do more homework about the 2020 class you will know who are the top performers, who are the top prospects and who is overrated. Your ranking covers all 3.

    Top Prospects excluded from your ranking:
    Joshua Hemmings Brampton, Coleman Stuka IBSA, Luka Sakota IBSA, Kenny Ngassoo Vaughan, Daimar Dyall-Richards Canada Elite, Justice Solmon Wolverines

    Some of these prospects have clearly outperformed players on your ranking and others may not perform very well presently similar to some on your current list, however they are still better prospects then some on your ranking.

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      With the exception of Joshua Hemmings I have seen all the other prospects that you have outlined. Justice Solmon, Daimar Dyall-Richards, and Luka Sakota were definitely tough to keep off the list. Regardless, this is just entering high school and the list will have some major changes as these prospects are ready to embark on their post secondary journeys.

    2. DH says:

      I trust your intentions are genuine and your efforts are appreciated but these picks seem very biased towards over exposed players. All of these kids are extremely talented and I hope rankings such as these don’t set these kids up for failure down the road. As a basketball community we need to focus our energies on promoting skill development and educational excellence. With that being said the element of competition and challenge must be fostered to get our talented young athletes to the next level. I would suggest you check the NYBL AAU reports and check the roster of the U15 Ontario team and you will see a name that appears prominently. Joshua Hemmings was the only 2020 athlete to make an Ontario U15 team made up of 2020 player and was an integral part of that team winning gold at Nationals. I don’t want to be as harsh as to say “Do your homework” but a little more research would be suggested.

      1. DH says:

        Sorry but in my previous comment the U15 Ontario team was made up of all 2019 players.

      2. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

        DH thanks for the comment and adding your input into this conversation!

        I find it confusing that you would first call me genuine then bias in the same sentence. Those are two statements that contradict each other, but let me assure you that I am indeed genuine towards every prospect that I look at. The players that receive exposure are those that I have watched, have performed and have the potential to continue to succeed in basketball. I completely agree that this list shouldn’t set kids up for failure and I believe that the kids know that as hard as it was to get on this list, the true test is staying on it. NPH strives to help kids in development and education especially through our showcases where kids are given basketball instruction from the best in Canada (Kyle Julius and Mihai) and also shows them the importance of education, social media and eating healthy through our seminars. As for Josh Hemmings I look forward to seeing him play in the future but here is a name that was not brought up to my attention from the coaches that I contacted nor was he at any of the tournaments I went to. I simply cannot scout a player I’ve never watched.

        1. DH says:

          Just so you understand what I meant in my comments. I said your intentions seem genuine which in a sense means you are trying to do the right thing with this ranking system. My comments about bias related to the fact that the list does not in my opinion reflect reality. I coached in this age group and had the opportunity to see first hand the players listed and the others mentioned by others in this discussion. From what I see you’ve only ranked players who played in the CYBL which in my opinion is wasn’t the best showcase for the talent in this age group. Don’t get me wrong I’m not an expert by any means I just think your research should have been a little more expansive.

      3. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

        Understandable but I still do not believe I am bias. If my list does not reflect your reality then I could be wrong, but i am not being prejudice or showing favouritism towards prospects, I simply have not had the chance to see some of these great athletes play! Either way, there is tons of work to be done and I will continue to improve my ranking system for years to come.

  5. isiah jordan says:

    Presently the top 5 prospects in no particular order are Johnny, Addison, Luka, Cashius and Josh. Let’s not mix it with NPH prospect list.

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      No Shemar Rathan-Mayes, or Kobe Antwi? Thats tough.

  6. isiah jordan says:

    Right there with those 5. All in the same program.

    1. Silk says:

      Any top 5 without Nick, best pure point in the class, bball iq, and Treyvon is just wrong. Jordan Andal, Addison, and Cashius or Shamar round out the top 5-6 (no order, Addison consensus #1).I like Luka (elite shooter), Kobe, Inaki and Densel (bayan) in the next tier. Not many bigs to pick from in this class. I would put Paris at 10, everyone else is raw (Kenny, alot of potential) but cant teach size right so i get why some kids are up there.

      1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

        Nick more well rounded that Shemar … thats a bold statement!

        1. Silk says:

          Not necessarily..overall shemar has it all. It’s just pure pgs are needles in a haystack.

  7. frenchman says:

    Nik has done a good job selecting the top players, where they rank are subjective. He puts in a lot of time watching the games and is considered an expert at this level.

    Other players like Stucka, Josh, Sam Wong, Justice, Bayan player PG, will find their name on the list soon.

    Luke #9 IBSA, should be top 10, he can pass, shoot mid range, 3’s and strong defender.

  8. Chris says:

    Once again, NPH proves that it has no statistical data or any other “measure” in place to have accurate rankings. You are even spelling players names wrong. If you haven’t seen a player play that could be in the top 10 then the list is useless. If you want to put out rankings you should know all the talent and have a way to measure it. As a coach that coaches at this age group, you are missing a lot of players who COULD be on this list. Many have been listed by others above. Another question is where have you seen these players play? Please tell us why you would publish a list of grade 9 players at this point. If you want to be considered a legitimate something (actually, I don’t know what you are trying to be) then be factual and provide how you determined this list.

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      Chris thanks for the comment!

      I actually don’t know of any statistical data scouts use when tracking players but I do have a handout of what I measure players through. Its a handout that I’ve actually had a few coaches look over for me so if your interested I would love to get your opinion on it, I just need to confirm that you do in fact coach a team.

      As for the prospects, there will always be kids that scouts haven’t seen, or even late bloomers, its what makes the game and the job so exciting! ESPN had Klay Thompson ranked 51st in 2008 and now he’s an NBA champ. Missing a lot of players that COULD be on this list doesn’t discredit the players who are on this list (may I add players that are very talented and hardworking).

      I have watched these players at the Jane and Fitch tournaments, Pound the Rock league, Canadian Youth Basketball League and the Canadian National Invitational Tournament so Im surprised we haven’t met yet! But if you ever see me don’t feel shy to come by and say hi, you know what my face looks like.

      P.S. Nick’s last name is a tough one, I think we can all agree on that at least!

  9. NCAA says:

    2020 Kids with potential to go furthest in Sport presently, subject to continued improvement the next 4 to 5 years, staying healthy and hard work

    Johnny V, Cashius, Addison,Kobe, Coleman, Josh,Luka, Paris, Kenny, Daimar, Justice S.

  10. Baller says:

    Who in your mind are some players who just missed the cut i.e. Next best 5-10

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      Hey Baller,

      By position some top guys in my opinion are

      Luka, Denzel, Joshua Delfin, Kobe Elvis, Jonathan Mulongo, Scott Jenkins and Keone Davis at the PG

      Jordan Persaud, Robert Mannella, Dominque Raminkson and Sam St. Val at the SG

      Coleman Stucke, Shawn Lane, Emmanuel Boateng, Godwin, and Okay at the SF

      Daimar Dyall-richards, Justus Solomon, Abilash Surendan, Kenny Ngassoue at the PF

      Eric Martin and Ben Li the C

      How about you who are some players that you would suggest?

      1. Baller says:

        I think that you hit the spot dead on with the list and some of the next best players

      2. john wall says:

        kobe elvis Alfred amoah marvel aluyi jules butle should all be on that list if you make a top 40 class 2020

  11. ibsa says:

    Nik you and NPH deserve credit for all of your efforts to promote the game and the kids, despite anonymous posters who have different views than you, myself included.

    You mentioned in one of your posts that you have seen these kids play. Based on this i do not understand how Luka Sakota and Coleman Stucke have not consistently proven to outperform or are not bigger prospects than several of the players you rank. Perhaps because their coaches play them very little against weaker competition preventing them from putting up big numbers like other players do or the style of team play that does not feature one or two kids taking majority of shots.

    It is great to see you mentioned Robert Mannella, he is one of the best pure shooters in the class, a top defender and underrated.

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      IBSA, great to hear from you!

      I agree that the Burlington squad was STACKED this year (like CIA Bounce and CAN Elite) and to be honest I could have made top 10s for those teams alone. I saw Luka and Coleman play but the rotation was a lot tighter thus, like you said, it was hard to compare and contrast them against top competition. Also I only saw Burlington at the CYBL and not at other events so that made it tough too, especially because I have seen the majority of the guys in the top 10 multiple times (excluding Kobe and Johnny V). However this list is FAR from set and Im sure those guys will be hungry to prove me and others wrong.

      PS Robert is a solid prospect in my opinion and was VERY close to being on the top 10, great size, shooting ability, and defence as well

  12. KYLE says:

    Nik, this conversation could go on and on forever. Nobody needs to prove you anything. You had about 50 of them that were close to top 10. The bottom line is that you are listing prospects that are not really the prospects. Your level of competence is very low to make any ranking as you never seen guys in practice and playing organized basketball. What you have seen is CYBL and few tournaments where kids are running up and down coached by all kinds of coaches and so on. You should not rank kids this young in the first place as you are not doing them any favour. Secondly, there are people who are actually competent and they monitor closely so called prospects but guess what, they are not doing any rankings.

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      Kyle, great of you to comment!

      I don’t believe I, or any of the great people who have commented, have anything to prove to one another, this is simply a discussion with arguments about which players we feel are the best in the class.

      To say we aren’t doing these kids any favours is a questionable statement, how did you come to that conclusion?

      Your organized basketball statement is also confusing, Burlington, CIA Bounce, Can Elite, Bayan, UPlay amongst other teams have systems put into place and have coaches that are very dedicated to the development of these kids so I would be careful to discredit them.

      Lastly, I can’t control what other people do so I tend not to worry too much about them!

    2. Corey says:

      You Should Add Shemar Jack 6’2. Plays For Grassroots Canada . Hes Up Next For sure

      1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

        first time hearing of him, will keep in mind!

        1. WC2P says:

          Come Out & Watch WC2P at The Jane & Finch Tournament , Shemar Jack Added To The Roster , Hes Up Next. Look Out

  13. KYLE says:

    You mentioned guys who are not on the list are hungry to prove you wrong and I said they have nothing to prove to you. Most of the people who commented obviously do not agree with you anyways. Now I see you mention Burlington a lot but their 2 best players are not on the list. How’s that possible? I guess they play team basketball which is never good.

  14. Athletic 1 says:

    Honestly i’ve watched NPH rankings over the years and my thought’s are it’s a waste and does no justice… If it’s authentic then fully put in the work or dont’ do it at all… I wonder if you have concented with parents on ranking there children, these parents put there hard earned money and efforts to fulfill their childs dreams… I’m not hating but suggesting…. Ranking top 10 get wise like other sites and rank top 50 etc., if your the leader in recruiting… There is a vast amount of talent in Canada and 10 doesn’t cut it… Just saying

  15. MoneyBall says:

    i strongly agree with Athletic 1. making a top 10 doesnt really give the kids with less exposure a chance to be seen. maybe a top 30 ?

  16. Trooth be Told says:

    @moneyball & @athletic 1 – Let’s be honest, if NPH opened up the rankings to more than top 10 the naysayers would have a field day with the rankings. Top 30 you’d just get more people complaining than actually appreciating the coverage for kids they are not affiliated with.

    On the flip side, I can’t say I agree with NPH on many fronts, but at at the same time I can say I do.

    So unless we have seen ALL the players as well, it is tough to make those calls.

    I am sure there are tons of kids that would eat up the bottom 50 of the US top 100, but at the end of the day, it comes down to exposure.

  17. dave says:

    There’s a kid name Lear Watson 5’7 point guard weights 125 he’s a very good player

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      no I haven’t heard of him, what team is he playing for?

  18. HeatNation says:

    You should look out for the 2020 Markham Gators this year; prospect Ben Li looks to head that squad. Also, have you heard of Kyle Manji?

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      Heatnation, I have been tracking Ben Li for a while but haven’t heard of Kyle Manji, is he on the gators?

      1. KM says:

        Hi Nik, Not sure who commented above asking if you knew me. But I am Kyle Manji. I don’t play for Gators, I play for Northern Kings & I am @ UCC this year.

  19. MoneyBall says:

    Did you see any talents at the Vaughan classic?

    1. Nik Zefi Nik Zefi says:

      Tons of great talent but two kids that stood out to me in particularly were Jahwaun Smith and Jordan Persad.
      Smith is a long, athletic freak of nature as a 2020 prospect and he has some scary potential. Tons of work still needs to be done with his ball skills, but he looks like a very responsive and coachable kid and there is no reason why he wont succeed under the great coaching of the Vaughan system and coach Nathan Rose.
      Jordan Persad also did his thing, was very impressive on the defensive end of the floor. Picked off TONS of passes and he is also a great kid that loves to do one thing. WIN.

  20. RP says:

    Jalen roberts is a sleeper also 5’9 guard out of brampton

  21. Ballislife says:

    Man you got to check out my boy 6’1 Annointing Osawe class of 2020 SF\G from St.Mike’s, shows a lot of athleticism, strength, and speed on the court. Real underrated, but he’s gonna be a real problem soon.

  22. COACH R says:

    you’ve forgotten about Christopher Kaputo. he’s playing senior at crescent school as a freshmen, he is a player who values and takes pride in having IQ, has a silky smooth mid range shot that comes with a sweet controlled, above average, handle; he has amazing court vision, and defensively locks down his opponent with ease. if you haven’t seen him play yet i kindly recommend that you do because he will have a major impact on the class of 2020. (meant for Nik Zefi)

  23. COACH R says:

    (left out) he is a 6’1 combo guard

    1. D1 -Pros says:

      Look out for Leshawn Morris PG on JR A Team FHC#1 team right now ! 2020
      Nice 2waySG !

  24. rudy hyatt says:

    What about Lorenzo barbieri motion marksmen 2001 watch head to head against nick

  25. Luke Warmwater says:

    When will this list be revised, given that the kids have had a chance to perform in High school?

    If a kid is good he will be noticed, too many, no rankings needed.

    It would be interesting to go back over the past ten years and see how highly ranked 12-15 year old kids turned out vs. either unranked or lower ranked. I would bet other than maybe the top 2 or 3 there is little correlation between ranking at these ages and future success – How to measure? Did they play in College? What level? Success level – Scholarship? D1, CIS, D2,D3 Starter, bench, role, did they graduate? After college – Did they get drafted, did they play pro.

    If these guys have the numbers – crunch them…

  26. kitchener hooper says:

    ladera should be number 1 ranked

  27. Ottawa says:

    Don’t sleep on the Ottawa prospects !!!!

  28. Billy says:

    Do u encourage the 2020 players to play jv so they can play with the 2019 class or play midget and play with there same class and how do u discover the players like do u watch there mix tapes or do u watch the games I person because I know a very under rated guard that if had a chance could shock some people

  29. Kip says:

    NIk you ever look in the Windsor area. I think you’re missing a few gems

  30. CT says:

    Taryn Todd will be at the upcoming NPH 2017 showcase.
    It will be interesting to see if any changes to this list.

  31. Toni says:

    Look out for a Kid by the name of Malachi Davis!

  32. faisal says:

    hi there is this kid iis really good look out for him named Shahmir Zaman

  33. faisal says:

    plays for Top Notch Stars Elite #9 he dominates

  34. Elijah Glover says:

    Do you rank the 2024 class cuz im one of the best players i need to be ranked from uplay canada

  35. rudy hyatt says:

    Who cares to much poltics to bad

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