Who is the GREATEST Canadian University Basketball Player of All Time?


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In light of Team Canada’s run to qualify for the Olympics, Phil Scrubb has emerged as more than a respectable piece; he is in fact in the top seven man rotation with five NBA players and arguably the best shooter in the world not in the NBA (Brady Heslip).

At the FIBA Americas, Scrubb has logged 118 minutes, while averaging over eight points, two rebounds and three assists per game.

The top six are as follows in minutes played:

  • Andrew Wiggins (170 mins)
  • Nik Stauskas (168)
  • Cory Joseph (157)
  • Anthony Bennett (134)
  • Kelly Olynyk (133),
  • Brady Heslip (126)
  • Phil Scrubb (118)


During the Canada-Mexico game, we asked our followers if Phil Scrubb was the greatest Canadian University basketball player of all time. Some agreed, while some offered other names…two that were recurring were Eli Pasquale (Victoria) and Dave Coulthard (Dave Coulthard)

Scrubb has won 5 CIS National titles with Carleton, however Eli Pasquale did the same with the Victoria Vikes in the 1980’s and lead Team Canada in international competition.

Courtesy: CP PHOTO/COA/J. Merrithew

Courtesy: CP PHOTO/COA/J. Merrithew

Pasquale was drafted into the NBA to the Seattle Super Sonics–Keep in mind, this was an era where there were more than two rounds.

Dave Coulthard starred at York University (1977-1982) and was named Canadian University player of the year twice during his career. He would be drafted to the Detroit Pistons in the 1982 NBA draft.

We would like to add Osvaldo Jeanty into the discussion. Before there was Scrubb, it was Geanty that set the standard at Carleton, where he also won national titles all five years. Jeanty was the name that Scrubb was hearing from Coach Smart his entire university career. Jeanty earned 2006 Canadian university athlete of the year and was named MVP in four of his five national titles.

There are other names that could be included, and if “other” is selected, we would like to hear from you.

So we ask…



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