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Rowan Barrett Jr hits the BIGGEST shot of his young career – buzzer beater to lift REDA over BTB in the Guy Vetrie championships!

Barett is the number one player in the country, for the Canadian class of 2019.

rowan buzzer

Editorial Staff

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5 thoughts on “Rowan Barrett Jr BUZZER BEATER – Biggest Shot of Career Wins Guy Vetrie Tourny!!

  1. Stella;) says:

    Terrible weak tournament.
    Why report this tournament. ???

    1. cplus says:

      It’s just basketball!!! Take it easy. These are in the grand scheme of things….kids! 13-18 yr old kids playing a game. Some getting experience with travelling different parts of their province, and if their fortunate enough, they get to travel to other parts of their country or even out of the country. Most of all its’ THEIR MEMORIES! Not yours….unless you are hiding behind your keyboard as one of the players who was playing in the tournament and lost, I don’t get why your need for such a disdained opinion is needed. Build up the kids, and stop tearing them down. Be a mature support!

  2. Lou Sialtsis says:

    Korah Collegiate is the site of Eastern Commerce’s first OFSAA title in 1982. The SOO-tizens were among the most decent, respectful, knowledgable and appreciative crowds that we had ever encountered across the Province.

    The Guy Vetrie Tournament has been a long-running mainstay and classic event on Ontario’s basketball calendar. It does not deserve this level of support and recognition — IT DESERVES MORE!


  3. nolies says:

    Clutch shot, but honestly what absolutely terrible defense allowing 1 man to get to the elbow for an uncontested jumper when the entire gym knows he will take the last shot bad coaching

  4. Marcel Webster says:

    My team (Stevens Prep Academy, Raleigh, NC) played in the Guy Vetrie in 2007 and 2008. We had a great time and played good competition. Came in 2nd place to Mother Theresa in 2007…….Canada is turning out good ballers……

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