Toughness is required on the battlefield.

Killer Squad generalYour character is tested in times of doubt. When your team is down late in the fourth quarter, who will throw up the white flag and who will refuse to surrender?

As I evaluate prospects, I look for the rare “killer instinct” trait–the “it factor” that takes players over the edge in terms of consistent production and overall development.

Toughness to me also refers to the energy givers; the guys that are diving for loose balls, defending at a high level and taking it personally when they get beat.

The killer squad does what ever it takes to win. The killer squad is consistently on the hunt for blood.

My killer squad backs down from no competition.

Here is the roster that I’m taking to war with me any day of the week, all players that I believe will have successful long-term basketball careers due to their killer instinct.

Player from various classes (2014-2016)

NPH Killer Squad – Volume I



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Tariq Sbiet

Written by Tariq Sbiet

NPH National Scout, tracking Canada's TOP prospects from high school to the NBA. With a genuine passion for the game, you will find Sbiet in the bleachers of most major tournaments and events across Canada & the United States -- Discovering talent from coast-to-coast, while absorbing knowledge at every opportunity. Sbiet has covered the game at every level, combining a basketball and media background with a degree in Media & Journalism from the University of Guelph-Humber. *Inspiration is the spark plug to success*


7 thoughts on “NPH Killer Squad – Toughness Required.

  1. I know you’ve seen him enough to know that Nedim Hodic has got to be on this list. His motor and toughness are second to none.

  2. baller 123 says:

    It’s clear that you have favourites and you are a scout who is biased toward certain players

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      Thanks for the comment baller 123. But I don’t think you know the definition of the word “bias” – what is my bias toward? If by “certain players” you mean high level, tough players….then yes, I agree, Im bias to those players. In order to make it to the highest level, toughness is required, there is no doubt about that.

  3. JohnDoe says:

    Not the list I would’ve had but oh well. Baller123 isn’t wrong at all. You may have a slight disposition towards some players due to hype, current situation, etc.

    But we’re not the pros.

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      Thanks for the comment Johndoe. Would love to hear your list or about players you would like on this list. Interested to hear about other players that possess these traits (as they are rare).

      But in terms of hype & current situation, I can’t say that’s a valid point because we watch these players in every environment (high school, club, showcase, national team, etc) and all these guys produce.

      Being a pro or not isn’t relevant here either…I want to hear other people’s opinion to learn different perspectives.

      Again, thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

  4. Charmain says:

    I don’t understand how it’s possible to narrow a list regarding a “Killer Squad” down to 10 players… Is this based on skill level and current situation. (as JohnDoe commented) Also, further clarification could be had on that “Killer Instinct”. Theres plenty of players in many leagues with that “Killer Instinct” who’s energy, toughness and skill set separates them from the pack and allows them to take over games in a kobe-esque fashion.

    Sure, these guys may be tough but I’m just very confused on how you went about choosing this list, seems very vague to me!

  5. royalistboss says:

    At the end of the day NPH cant make a list with 100 players on it players are always left off lists however it does not mean there not legit players.. NPH like all new media will have there favorites or an agenda but they seem pretty fair in naming many players who may not ever be named. As for listings players based on situation that is 100% correct if a guy is blowing up in the U.S and we have never heard of him in Canada you can bet your bottom dollar his name will start poppin up in heavy rotation back home but again that player went down there and earned the back handed fame of an audience who many no have appreciated him or her as much when they were home living close to the 401.. like your list though those players are killer no doubt.

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