Back in August, several NCAA programs made the trip across the border to participate in an international tour, as each division one program is permitted to take one every four years.

The current #1-ranked team in America, Syracuse Orange (24-0) ended up in Ottawa to take on the #1-ranked team in Canada, Carleton University (20-0). It was a highly anticipated game within Canadian basketball circles.


Two power house programs from neighbouring countries with a rich history of winning, would match up for a pre-season exhibition in the nation’s capital.

The result?

Syracuse would edge out Carleton in a 69-64 overtime tilt.

Six months later, as we approach March Madness, both teams are undefeated and we couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if these two teams met tomorrow. Furthermore, what would happen if Carleton transitioned into the NCAA?

@NorthPoleHoops called up two well-respected coaches and analysts to discuss the topic.

Leo Rautins (former Team Canada Head Coach, Syracuse Alum) along with Joe Raso (18-year CIS coach) joined @CarlanGay to tackle Carleton VS Syracuse, the state of the CIS, the National program + much more!

Listen to the FULL podcast right here:



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3 thoughts on “#1 VS #1 – Can Carleton Really Compete With Syracuse?

  1. This was good! It’s a sad truth about Canada and really needs to improve otherwise we’re going to just continue to lose our Canadian talent to the US. 

    1. GameShooter Sport says:

      Hate when people say we are losing our talent to the U.S .. Its a bigger stage more money in the game they will always have better talent its 300 – million vs 30 million people .. Basketball even if it was our #1 sport would never be at the level of hype as in the U.S so we will always send our Best to the U.S it only makes sense. Should Tyler Ennis be playing at Bishops or or York not to knock either but it just wouldn’t make sense for either. This new breed of talent in Canada should be shooting for the NBA until the CIS proves to be a path to getting there kids will always and should always shoot for the NCAA.  Do Americans think they lose there Hockey Talent to the OHL or WHL nope so why do we worry about Basketball Players ??

  2. Andrew Baker says:

    I think what would be a great move for Canada basketball and basketball in North America is to have the CIS final 8 finish before the march madness tournament. Then whoever wins the cis national championship would also be placed as a 16 seed in one of the conferences and would be able to compete in the tournament. Would be a great way to see where CIS ranks against NCAA. 
    Don’t know if it will ever happen but it would be very interesting

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