Ovie Eyamaro getting up for the put down

Ovie Eyamaro getting up for the put down

It’s called the Xavier Rimrocker for a reason.

Every December, you can expect highlight reel plays at the tournament hosted by St Francis Xavier and Mount Carmel.

Ovie Eyamaro, a 6’4 forward (2015) for D’Youville got the memo on day one, as he came down the lane to elevate for a MONSTER put back on a defender!

Eyamaro is a prospect on the rise that continues to show progress. An absolute positive on the floor, rebounding on both ends, and has proven to have a great nose for the ball.















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5 thoughts on “Ovie Eyamaro 1-Hand Put Back Jam on Defender!

  1. H Diddy says:

    What did the ref call on that? A charge or team control foul of some sort? Brutal.

  2. Terry says:

    I think he called a technical for him walking away with the ball. Rightfully so as well (as nice a play as it was pretend like you’ve done it before)

    1. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

      It was not a technical. It was a bad over the back call.

  3. Teddy says:

    It was called a “Player Control” foul… He had pushed him in the back initially, to gain an advantage on the defender and to help elevate himself in the air as well… Good call by he referee!!! 

    1. Williams says:

      I have watched this play over and over and over again, none of what you said is true. He did not make any contact with the defender until he actually had the ball so no advantage was gained due to a push off and the contact that he did make was extremely minimal and was not a foul. If you look closely you will see that his right hand is on the ball and his left hand is free and never comes in contact with the defender. He did not use the defender to help him elevate, he simply out leaped him. Terrible call by the referee. If any call should have been made I could have agreed with the referee for calling a technical for walking away with the ball. Great highlight Ovie! terrible refereeing I’m glad they got it on tape.

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