We may not see 81 from Kobe Bryant again, but it looks like Manny Wood is picking up the slack, setting the Manitoba high school scoring record, registering 83 points for St John’s Ravenscourt in a blowout victory over Beaver Brae 115 -25 at the Brandon Sun Spartan Invitational.

Manny Wood erupts for 83 points to set Manitoba high school scoring record

Manny Wood erupts for 83 points to set Manitoba high school scoring record

“It started like a regular game; I didn’t really realize how many I had. I just kept shooting and they just kept going in,” Wood told NPH. “I had a feeling I was going to have a good game, but I didn’t except this.”

Manny Wood (Winnpeg, MB) is a 6’4 forward in the tenth grade, who has been hovering around 20 points per game, against varsity competition.

According to Basketball Manitoba, Wood broke the 57 year old record of Alec Keenan who scored 82 points for Isaac Newton HS vs Selkirk on Jan 23, 1956.

“It feels great, it’s an honour to be among those other names.”

Wood broke the BSSI tournament record with 51pts at halftime, before eclipsing the provinical record, playing all 40 minutes in the game along with four of his teammates.

The 6’4 forward hit only one three-pointer and a flurry of long twos, as the game was being played on a university sized court.

83 point is 83 points, an impressive feat at any level; however it is also important to take this performance with a grain of salt. In other words, the competition was clearly inferior.

With that being said, Wood has made his mark on the high school scene, but will have a target on his back moving forward.

Congratulations to Manny Wood on setting the new provincial scoring record.




Armaan Ahluwalia

Written by Armaan Ahluwalia

Armaan Ahluwalia is NorthPoleHoops Senior Correspondent, specializing in Manitoba basketball coverage at the high school, CCAA and CIS levels. Ahluwalia is also on the national rankings panel.

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14 thoughts on “Manny Wood 83 Points Sets Manitoba High School Basketball Scoring Record

  1. J Rock says:

    sounds like they were running up the score on a bad team, classy.

    1. Ricky says:

      Sounds like you need to go back to your trailer park

  2. Dave C says:

    embarassing. Keep your starters in the game up 90?  Classless coach and the school should reprimand him for that if they have any sense of decency. The story should focus on that.  Not the kid’s fault he just played and set the record, but no coach should let something like that happen.  I would expect more from a Ravenscourt Team.  Pretty classless. 

    1. Jeremy b says:

      We only had seven players at the tournament and were resting two who had already logged big minutes.

    2. Jeremy b says:

      We only had seven players at the tournament and were resting two who had already logged big minutes…

    3. Jeremy b says:

      btw the two players resting were our teams top two players.

  3. Coach Martin says:

    If you just look at the score and do not know the whole story then I understand how some people will view Manny scoring 83 against a team that lost by 80.

    Before the game I spoke to the coaches from beaver Brae and I informed them that we were sitting our top two players and that we will just be playing the other 5. The 5 players that played consisted of three grade 12′s one of which joined the team a week ago, a grade 10 from the JV team that joined the team on Friday so we would not be travelling with 6 and Manny who is a talented grade 10. I asked if they wanted us to do anything to help them in anyway. The coach said just please do not press us. We did not. He was just as concerned about our team understanding that our two teams are in different levels of skill. I offered different ideas i.e passing more times, no fast breaking, man or zone and the coach felt they needed us to just play because his team needed to see everything anyways. We both agreed that his team drove 5 hours to play basketball not us playing keep away and making a mockery of the game. There were also refs being evaluated, fans there to watch and a game to be played. At half time manny had 50+ points and I went over to the coach again and asked him what he would like me to do. We had pretty much the same conversation and he again said no just play basketball. he went on to say your kids are already being very nice to my team we are just at a different place then you guys. He said keep playing basketball and then he said that number 6 is playing well. if he can go for a record let him.
    At the end of the game the players on the other team were just as happy as we were. The coaches thanked me for the way we handled the game and congratulated Manny. Beaver Brae is a very nice team with great potential and the coaches are doing a great job. As coaches we have all been on both sides of those situations. Everyone is entitled to feel however they want about this but at least you know the circumstances now.

  4. M Macdonald says:

    Thank you for the clarification. It sounds like decency prevailed and a nod to both the coaches and teams for working it through together with respect. Says good things about the individuals and about the sport of basketball.

  5. Mike Raimbault says:

    This was clearly two uneven teams playing, and it’s defintely poor sportsmanship and coaching displayed at this level. This isn’t a huge thing because these teams aren’t even ranked at a AAAA level. Maybe they should leave that record for AAA or what not. Unacceptable coaching but no disrespect to the the kid.

  6. B says:

    Did you even read the coach’s comment in the comment section? 

  7. Y. Milner says:

    I am a parent of one of the players who sat on the bench for that game. I was not there but I think Jeremy Martin’s comments reflect what happened and I respect him as a coach. We were short on players for the tournament and ended up adding some JV players for the tournament so we would have enough to play. Had seven players, tried to play in the 4 A section but could not, and sat the two strongest players. Based on Jeremy’s comments he spoke to the opposing coach, and worked it out with respect. I think Manny’s accomplishment should be respected and I totally disagree with Mike’s comments on this page.

  8. M Macdonald says:

    For a 57 year old scoring record to be broken clearly many things had to fall in place.
    In this case, an unexpected performance by the athlete, the two top scorers benched, the apposing coaches communicating well throughout the game and the losing team themselves showing extraordinary goodwill. Sportsmanship personified. 
     Wonder if Alec Keenan and his coach experienced any public shaming 57 years ago? 
    Probably not because that kind of pushback would have been considered very unsportsmanlike.

  9. c campbell says:

    Classy coaches!
    Classy players!
    Terrific sportsmanship displayed by both teams. 
    Isn’t that what sports is intended to teach us?

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