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Who is the best Canadian High School Basketball Player of all-time?

Who is the best Canadian High School Basketball Player of all-time?

Despite popular belief, Canada has produced high level basketball talent for decades; the difference in present time is the level of nurture our young student-athletes receive today (Development, EXPOSURE , competition).

The recent surge of Canadian basketball, that some are referring to as “The Golden Era” has camouflaged the great talent of the past, making it “The Lost Generation” that today’s youth are simply unaware of.

The easy answer to the following question would be Andrew Wiggins, given his dominance in this era.

But how about generations of the past? If you ask 80’s and 90’s hoop heads, the name that continuously comes up is Phil “Dr. Dix” Dixon. An assassin on the floor that could not be stopped from putting the ball in the basket.

At the same token, there have been countless players that revolutionized the game in one way or another, and through extensive research across the Canadian basketball community, here is what we have come up with.

It is important to note that we are strictly considering dominance of high school careers, and not college. The following is a solid list of candidates that left their imprint.




Phil Dixon / (Bathurst Heights, Toronto) – Utah

Phil Dixon was an absolute nightmare on the high school basketball scene, averaging 40 points per game in his senior year. Fifteen years later, in 2003, he won the title “King of Toronto” and then “King of Canada” in Nike’s first one-on-one “Battlegrounds” championship.

Andrew Wiggins / (Huntington, West Virginia) – Kansas

The hottest name on the basketball scene right now; captured an OFSAA title as an underclassmen, making his mark in Canada. To follow up, he secured every major individual award in the U.S including Gatorade Athlete of The Year, Naismith Player of the Year,  Mr. Basketball USA, and ranked #1 high school player and prospect by every major media outlet.

Steve Nash / (St. Michael’s, Victoria) – Santa Clara

Averaged a double-double on a dominant St. Michael’s team that won the provincial championship. St Michael’s defeated all their opponents by 20+. As we flip to the next chapter, kid Canada was born.


Denham Brown / (Bathurst Heights-West Hill, Toronto) – UConn

Brown owns 111 points of dominance on the high school scene, the amount he scored for West Hill in 2002 when he made waves in the amateur basketball world. Prior to his final year, Brown averaged 30 PPG in his junior season.

Leo Rautins / (St Mike’s, Toronto) – Minnesota / Syracuse

After somehow being cut from the provincial team, Rautins made the national team as a tenth grader! He Started for Team Canada and averaged approximately 17 PPG in 1977; a ground-breaking and unbelievable feat that is yet to be matched. His versatility at the high school level was rare; at 6’8 being able to handle the ball, pass and shoot…he could do it all.

Bobby Allen / (Morning Star, Brampton) – Evansville/ Texas Pan American 

An easy 30 points per game guy, scored at will and was an electrifying dunker. When you look at scoring in the early 90’s,  it was Phil and Bobby Allen.

Wayne Yearwood / (Dawson, Montreal) – West Virginia

The best player in the early history of CEGEP basketball, Yearwood was a 6-7 wing with strength, athleticism, three-point shooting ability and a devastating post game. He led Dawson College to the 1983 CCAA National Championship, grabbing tournament MVP honours before moving on to star for the University of West Virginia, Team Canada and European pro teams.

Todd McCullough / (Shaftesbury, Winnipeg) – Washington 

A dunking ban in MacCulloch’s high-school league turned out to be a blessing, helping the seven-foot redhead develop a soft touch and footwork that belied his height and mammoth frame. The two-time Manitoba high school champion became just the third player from his province to earn a D-I scholarship, dominating the paint at the University of Washington and starting a promising NBA career cut short by a neuromuscular disorder.

Carl English / (Fatima Academy-St Thomas Aquinas, Newfoundland) – Hawaii

As a ninth grader, English Was the best player in the senior league, which included university players (Memorial). English averaged an unbelievable 50 PPG, before transferring to St Thomas Aquinas in Ontario for higher level competition.

Maurice Joseph (Champlain St-Lambert, Montreal) – Michigan St/ Vermont

Older brother of Kris Joseph, Champlain St Lambert, considered one of the top preps (2000-2009)

First and only CEGEP player to ever appear in American scouting service (

NBA Top 100 Camp, Mr hustle award winner, 2005

Jamaal Magloire (Eastern Commerce, Toronto) – Kentucky

6’11 with aggression and anger. Magloire’s phenomenal high school career led him to be the most highly recruited Canadian basketball prospect of his generation.

Mohamed Hachad  (Champlain Saint-Lambert, Saint-Lambert, QC) – Northwestern

One of the first superstars from John Dangelas’s Cavaliers prep powerhouse, this 6-5 guard combined size and athleticism with a small man’s quickness and creativity off the bounce, embarrassing CEGEP opponents and garnering high-major offers. Hachad went on to become the first Canadian guard to average double-figure scoring in the Big Ten, at Northwestern.




Canada has produced an endless amount of high level talent, and as a result,  this list can be extended wide. If you feel there is a player that NEEDS to be mentioned among the crop, we want to know…who and why? Remember, the names mentioned must be DOMINANT on the high school scene.

Who is The Best Canadian High School Basketball Player of All-Time?

  • Andrew Wiggins (32%, 236 Votes)
  • Bobby Allen (17%, 122 Votes)
  • Phil Dixon (14%, 103 Votes)
  • Steve Nash (11%, 81 Votes)
  • Denham Brown (7%, 54 Votes)
  • Other (6%, 43 Votes)
  • Todd McCullough (3%, 24 Votes)
  • Mohamed Hachad (3%, 21 Votes)
  • Leo Rautins (2%, 16 Votes)
  • Maurice Joseph (2%, 15 Votes)
  • Carl English (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Wayne Yearwood (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Jamaal Magloire (1%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 736

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Editorial Staff

Written by Editorial Staff

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73 thoughts on “NPH Poll: Who is The Best Canadian High School Basketball Player of All-Time?

  1. db says:

    These results will be skewed. I’m what you consider an old head. I played ball in T.O. in the early 1980’s and there are several great players who played many people voting in this poll have never heard of. Guys like Owen Officer, Marvin Russell, Pat Jebbison, Mark Henry, Gerry Henry, Rowan Barrett, Sherman Hamilton, Rocky Llewellyn, Bobby Llewellyn, Darren Thomas, Richard Stewart, Norm Clarke, etc…I could go on for days with names. A poll like this will always be skewed to the newer generation because the younger folks never saw these guys play or played against them like I have. With all due respect, Wiggins only played 1 year in Canada so again these “polls” need to be taken with a grain of salt. For the most part, the guys I mentioned did their time and played 5 years (remember grade 13???) before heading off to University/College

    1. Abijah says:

      I have heard stories about Rowan because my younger uncle went to Weat Hill and told me stories of people throwing bus tickets on the court at Pearson players,but I saw a game with Sherman on the local Rogers channel. He was in a tournament and playing some team, and they had him double teamed in the corner, and he dribbled out of it. I was in awe. Never understood why he didn’t make it to the league. I played with Bobby Llewellyn in Brampton in some pick up games, but Sherman was the best high school player I ever saw with my own eyes.

  2. Jonathan Smith says:

    It is hard to judge if you have not seen them all play. I will say that Phil was the best all around player coming out of high school. Bobby Allen was the most unbelieveable scorer. I never had the chance to watch Wayne play in high school but all accounts I have heard some amazing things. Andrew is amazing and will do great things but Phil has this one for sure.

  3. Ibrahim Imiru says:

    Notice how this list is all guys from 10+ yrs ago except Wiggins? The guys from previous eras who stayed home were probably just as good or better than the young cats. Respect, though to Wiggins for everything he’s done. And respect to this site for giving love to the 80’s generation. Dr. Dix is best ever from Ontario, Yearwood best ever from Quebec!

  4. Chris Webber says:

    Greg Newton was pretty good…. I personally like Dixon or Bobby Allen.

  5. anonymous says:

    Norm Clarke… ever heard of him?

  6. Mel B says:

    Morning Star isn’t in Brampton. It’s in Malton which is a part of Mississauga. 

  7. Balleriffic says:

    Woah, that Mohamed dude can ball – watched the video! What about Devoe Joseph at Pickering? He was dominant in highschool no? I watched dude drop 37 points in 3 quarters against one of the top defensive guys in the city and they benched him for the 4th. He made it look too easy.

  8. Bryan McClenaghan says:

    23 years later and still referring to Morning Star as Brampton… Malton baby Bobby Allen and Sherman Hamilton.

  9. Bill Crowdis says:

    Rowan Barrett and Sherman Hamilton not on the list? Phil Dixon was a legend and probably still the most talented player to come out of a Canadian high school.

  10. Mark Ennis says:

    Shane Nicely is the best high school player to play high school in Canada. Nobody heard of him but you all should have seen him play. 

  11. Jeneka Jool says:

    I would argue that Forest Heights Wayne Johnson was the best.

  12. jay says:

    That isn’t even Steve Nash in the video. That’s ridiculous man. The editorial staff needs to do a way better job. 

  13. Canadian says:

    Bill Wennington: took his high school team to #1 in the northeast and top 10 in the nation..then went on to make it to the Final Four with St John’s, win 3 NBA titles with the Bulls, and Gold with Canada in 83 or so beating the USA team (Malone, Barkley, Willis) at the World University games

  14. F Tyrell says:

    Forget all the hype and B.S. Bobby Allen the real deal.

  15. F Tyrell says:

    Ask at least 7 of people on the list who has played with and played against could not touch Bobby Allen. 

  16. Mykel says:

    Hands down Bobby Allen from Morning Star in Malton……

  17. Seymour Butts says:

    Phil Dixon best ever hands down ! Then Andrew Wiggins even though he did most of his dirt in the US.

  18. Edgar says:

    Bobby Allen hands, uncontested, all day long…

    1. John says:

      In an era without the current hype, Bobby was just too smooth. He often looked like a pro playing against amateurs!

  19. Jerry C says:

    Greg Francis?  O’Neil Kamaka?  Dawkins?  

    1. Balleriffic says:

      O’Neil Kamaka – good call on that one, dude had (has) game

  20. conrad rattray says:

    Bobby Allen who reigned supreme out of Morningstar Secondary in Malton, along with Shermon Hamilton. The new kids on the blocks have the luxury of internet, you tube videos, and social media. This helps to get their faces out faster to a wider audience. But Bobby Allen packed gyms with his highlight dunks, and explosive talent. Nice to see how far Canadian talent has moved into the NBA its great for Canadian balllers to finally get the respect they deserve, good stuff to the new generation of Andrew Wiggins lets keep it going.

  21. Sweets says:

    Dr. Dixon Bar nonAe! No disrespect to the rest but Dixon played in the era when real ball players dominated the court. The defense was way more intense when Dix played and for the first couple seasons there was no 3 point line when he was draining them just over half court.

    Dix was smooth. Honorable mention to Wayne Robertson (the Fridge) All American for New Hamp. who opted out of the NBA Draft but was a force to recon with in high school (Runnymede Redman)

  22. Jon Clark says:

    Wayne Smith. The first Toronto kid a ever saw ranked in Streets and Smith NCAA Preview Top 100 seniors.  Atleast 15pts a game throughout 4 years at Duqesne and made it look easy. He got complacent at Duquesne. Too bad, NBA talent. 

  23. Jon Clark says:

    Damien Reid! When else has Norman Bethune High School ever one AAA OFSAA……

  24. Jerry C says:

    Damien was a good player.  But the comp during those years were not the greatest.

    1. Bball Historian says:

      True. Damian Reid was a beast. Whatever happened to him. Last I heard he went to Montreal or something?

  25. Miss A Killingbeck aka Wayne's sister says:

    Common now people ! Bobby Allen ! That’s all I gotta say! Mustangs babie ! 

  26. B Hazel says:

    Any list of Top High School Basketball Players, that doesn’t include Reggie Oblitey (also from Morning Star) on it, is a joke as far as i’m concerned. He was a problem for every team he played against. PERIOD. It seems to me that some people need to be reminded that this poll is only concerned with HIGH SCHOOL play only.

    1. John says:


      Perhaps the best shooter. Could absolutely obliterate the competition!

      If the Morningstar squad of 90-91 had had a a little more size, between Oblitey and Johnson, and you, a very good guard, they would have been trouble for anyone.

      Too bad defence is not as highly regarded on this list. Keith Johnson was an exceptional defensive player, all-round talent, with a high ball IQ.

      1. Westwood Run Tings says:

        Growing up in that area, I had the good fortune to watch most of those players. Even though I went to Westwood and Sherman was our guy, Reggie was a problem. Keith’s ‘D’ was crazy! Besides, the guy looked like MJ. Played a few pick games with Bobby Allen and the man was for real! Bobby was that guy that when he drove on you, he would score or be fouled. Either way the ball was going in the hoop. Ball in Malton was crazy back then. Don’t forget about all of the tournaments where you got to see everyone in action – West Hill, NACI, Martingrove, Bathurst to name a few.

  27. George Lutz says:

    How did northpole hoops become self appointed voice of canadian basketball??? I was at the jane and finch tournament over the weekend and watched some of the 2016 playing against older competition and noticed some inconsistancy particulary when it came to the rankings of this age group. For example, there was special mention of Douyville product matched up against cia bounce without mentioning names because I dont believe it would be fair to the players .I did however, notice some struggles on the part of dy particulary on the offensive end. What are the credentials of northpolehoops to be able to judge and rank these young athletes? What is the criteria on which they are ranked? It seems to me you pay more attention to what’s ‘trending’ than on the players individual skill set.The idea based upon what I saw that you would have those kids ranked so far apart is unfair considering the bias towards what’s ‘trending’.

  28. Tariq Sbiet Tariq Sbiet says:

    Hi George,

    Thank you for your interest in NPH.

    First question I have is…have you seen the 2016 NPH National player rankings? They have not been released, so I’m not sure how can you can come to a conclusion. If you are going to try and make a case for a player, we don’t mind that at all, but you will have to mention the names. If you don’t feel comfortable publicly stating name, you can email me at . As far as credentials, we have travelled across North America (Canada and the US) evaluating talent in various environments. We’ve been in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Indiana, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Orlando, August (Georgia) among others on multiple occassions and countless cities in Ontario. If interested in knowing the criteria, you can contact me. As for paying attention to “Trending” players as you put it, I completely disagree. We find new talent on a weekly basis and assist with their recruitment along with providing young student-athletes with guidance (academically and basketball wise) — I have covered the game at every level from High school to the NBA for the past 6 years from both an analytical (scouting) and journalistic perspective. (Degree in media and journalism). That is my resume…hope this helps answer your question. We pride ourselves at NPH in being 100% absolutely unbiased. Adding an unfair bias would be disrespectful to the game.

    Have a great day. 

    1. george lutz says:

      Thanks for your quick reply Tariq.  If you type in a respective players’ name along with the player comes up with a  ranking?  Is this not the official northpolehoops rank, is there something else , or if it is , why would that ranking be there are all?  Just curious.

  29. Joe says:

    Bobby Allen was 22 when he was a sr in high school. He should have dominated.

    1. CM20 says:

      What year was he a senior Joe?

  30. Bryan says:

    Joe’s comment is why I think people should have to answer a skill testing question before being allowed to post something on the internet….Stupid comment….I’m the same age as Bobby and grew up with him,  he was not 22 but the same age as everyone else. Please don’t diminish his dominance. Thank you

  31. Jack Union says:

    lol@Joe wtf?

  32. Brad Wall says:

    I’m surprised that Phil Tollestrup isn’t on the list? He was a High School, basketball Legend!!! Raymond High School basketball team, put themselves on the map when they beat then Canadian University power house University of Victoria. I know both Phil and his brother Tim would go on to play for the Canadian National team. Still how can you not put Phil on the list. Raymond is a small town of about 1,500 people with a school of a couple hundred students and the Raymond High School team beat one of Canada’s top University team a remarkable feat! Phil went on to play for Utah State and I know the high school game with University with Victoria took place in the 60’s. I believe around 1964? Should be somewhere to find this story?

  33. Fisher says:

    I’ve seen Phil and he belongs right there as number two…Never seen anyone like Bobby Allen even at 75%. If you know Bobby you would know that he very rarely gave it all. Bobby Allen…UNSTOPPABLE and able to score at will.

    Joe Alexander was pretty good too.

  34. Seems like there was a certain guy named Jay Triano from Niagara Falls that never gets mentioned.  Went to the same high school (A.N. Myer) as Past National Team members Greg Newton, Peter Guarasci and Nikki Johnson.  Years and Years on the national team with Jack Donahue.  International and NBA Coaching experience.

  35. Simon Frank says:

    When we (Parkside HS) beat Bathurst Heights in the 1987 AA OFSAA final, I knew Phil Dixon was good, but he certainly wasn’t unstoppable at that time. But I am guessing he was approaching “unstoppable” the next year, as Bathurst won AAA OFSAA in 88.
    I would have loved to have seen where he might have gone, but for the injuries.

  36. Steve says:

    I have played against both Bobby and Phil and both were nightmares but Phil was simply the best a Man amongst boys and the most feared in the Country @ 40 pts a game with no 3 pt line , drafted to UCONN first then transferred to UTAH (he played and held his own vs Stacey Augmon and Larry Johnson against UNLV in the 90-91 NCAA Tournament) he was a defensive stud and Canadian National team Starter every year – no disrespect to my main man from Malton but Bobby was not that he was an alternate look it up. Lastly Bathurst heights reigned supreme under Phils dominance

    1. Mr. Nice Guy says:

      Bobby a Alternate? Haha Maybe when he was 18/19 playing with national team but if you do your research Bobby Allen Led the national team in scoring while playing a long side MULTIPLE NBA MVP WINNER STEVE NASH during the time where Canada’s national team was at its highest. Then went on to destroy overseas competition and destroy your favourite NBA/NCAA that were ALL AMERICANS and well respected in the basketball world via Overseas/ NBA Summer Leagues etc. Food for thought 😉  MEN LIE WOMEN LIE BUT NUMBERS DONT

  37. Jason Mckenzie says:

    Phil Dixon!!! Bobby Allen, Sherman Hamilton, Rowan Barrett were all good high school players in the GTA during their era but Dixon is a legend. He was averaging 33ppg and there wasn’t a 3 point line. He dribbled the ball between his legs and shot from the top circle on the regular. With the 3 point line, he would been 40 ppg. He packed gyms and had an entourage from JUNGLE that trailed him. He even had the nickname “Doctor Dix!”

    Who else had the nickname except Wayne “the Fridge” Robertson

  38. Speak2Real says:

    DOCTOR PHIL DIXON. If they kept Bathurst open those JUNGLE teams would have been crazy! & If Dixon had oppurtunity like Wiggins has, he would have been ballin against MJ. 

    1. Bball Historian says:

      Yea, it was a shame they closed Bathurst Heights. Looked forward to the Bathurst vs. Runnymede battles.

  39. Tyrace says:

    Joe, your information is incorrect about Bobby Allen. Let’s remember and embrace our past players, while supporting and promoting our future. Posting false information does nobody any good…

  40. murph says:

    What about Mike Sheppard ? Didnt he go to Canada and light it up

  41. Good rod says:

    There are a few more names that need to be mentioned here like Trevor wiloc,mervin Busby from Laurier rocky lewellyen, Greg Francis.

  42. Myles says:

    manitoba perspective. first and foremost, Martin riley. all time great led team canada and u of manitoba as pg. won 4 prov champs and was still working over college guys in his late fifties. joey vickery, won prov champ playing on small school basically by himself, Nash played with him on team canada and siad hes the best shooter hes ever seen (I agree), might still be playing pro. but the best I’ve seen. Erfan Nasjapour. incredible player. prov champ 2 times. prolly averaged 20/10/10 and 5stls in hs career. went on to have incredible run at U of W. check his 5 year stats in university and you’ll understand how dominant he was in hs. national team and plays pro in Iran now I believe. for anyone thatsaw him play easily ccould have destroyed d1 and if he was 2/3 inches taller would be in NBA today IMO

  43. Marcus says:

    There were a lot of good players in the late 80’s / early 90’s but if you watched basketball, there were only 2 and I emphasize 2 players that everyone wanted to watch. That’s Dr.Dix Phil Dixon and THE FRIDGE Wayne Roberston. By far the two most dominating and best players of thier era and it’s not even close if you ask real basketball fans!!!!!!………….

    1. John says:

      I must take issue with that.

      Ask many people who watched basketball in that era, Bobby Allen was the REAL DEAL!

      He packed gyms, just to watch him in pick-up games!!!

      To me, Bobby and a Phil made the game look so easy. No argument with either of them at 1 or 2.

      Just saw Phil yesterday, and he looks like he could still drop 40!

  44. Steve says:

    Radcliffe Llewellyn, Jay Triano, Mark Henry, Greg Francis, Sherman Hamilton. Eli Pasquali, Tony Sims

  45. George says:

    I am surprised no one has mentioned Tommy Kane (Montreal). Ultimately played for the Seahawks in the NFL, then jailed for muder after a career ending injury. It has been a very long time since I played H.S ball in the 80s, but my recollection was that he was a dominant force on the H.S scene

  46. Curtis J. Phillips says:

    to find the greatest high school player we have to go way back to 1939 and Norm Baker who at age 16 led the Victoria Dominoes to a Canadian Senior Men’s Championship. Voted Canada’s best basketball player from 1900 – 1950 he would later dominate the Pacific Coast Professional Basketball League for two years. He would suit up for the Portland Indians for the World Professional Basketball Tournament in 1947.

  47. Daniel Moshe Johnson says:

    I haven’t seen everyone play, but I do know many of the players and many of the bball crowds that were around.

    In a one on one pre knee injury, no one on that list could out play Phil Dixon.
    Im sorry Wiggins like any NBA player is overstated and overrated. He is not a defender nor can he shoot with range.

    A few summers ago I witnessed Dix’s hit 9 32 foot 3 pointers in a summer league game, all net, because he is a pure shooter, Wiggins hasn’t developed that yet.


  48. Jason Mckenzie says:

    I can’t believe that someone brought up Mike Sheppard’s name. First of all, he’s an American that came up here from Rochester, New York for about a year and half. Secondly, he tried to pass himself off as a high school student even though he had long graduated in New York. He dominated because he was 21 or 22 years old at the time and was playing against high school boys. He was literally a man amongst boys! Bathurst Heights would have easily won the 1992 OFSAA AAA title instead of O”neil CVI out of Oshawa that year, if he didn’t get caught for being well above the legal age for high school eligibility and participation. Bathurst Heights was still an amazing team without him but had to forefeit all their league wins with him in the line up. That’s a poor example.

    1. Henry says:

      Oshawa Got lucky in 1992. They played Runnymede without their best player. Just before the OFSAA tournament he injured his leg in the metros against Martingrove. That same year Runnymede defeated Oshawa with ease.

  49. Henry says:

    Mike Schmidt NACI

  50. Skinny says:

    Ise Northern dude who matched up with Bobby Allen in a Sudbury tournament back in 89. I’m six four, 175,and I could JUMP! Locking down BA, full denial, he got the rock from 26 feet,load up,hand all over his face , but then,hang, as I came down, and SPLaSH… Laugh at D, next possession he dunked it so hard, the fucken ball went thru hoop into stands. Seen many great ballers. Bobby Allen was special.

  51. Vil says:

    I started watching high school basketball in the mid to late 80’s. There are four players that really stood out in my mind. Phil D, Bobby A, Bobby Lew and the Fridge. All great players capable of dominating at any given time against the cities greatest players. If I had to choose one it would be Phil D #1A and Bobby A #1B. They were both athletic, great shooters and greater athletes. There wasn’t anything either player couldn’t do on the court.
    Just want to throw out some names of some really good players from back in the day. Eric James, Gary Latty, Wayne Bennett, Grizzle, Garnette Williams, Junior Alexander, Shawn Green, Keith Vassal….I could go on for days.

  52. ET says:

    Bobby a senior @ 25? That’s hilarious, we were in the same grade 10 business class and we used to play in the hood a lot! Those days were fun. There were a quite few legends from TO who I loved to see play and I mean that a lot but Bobby was a showman just pass him the ball and he’s left/right hand faking, scoring & dunking.

  53. LU says:

    From my era in Ontario (late 70’s/early 80’s) – Danny Meagher, Rob Samuels, Joe Alexander, Peter Lambropoulos, Peter Savich – these guys were all phenomenal players.

  54. CM20 says:

    I remember Bobby Allen playing for Westwood and then transferring to Morningstar in Malton. We played at Brandon Gate & Darcel a lot when we were very young. BA had a great shot & made everything look easy on the court. If he had the attention that young Canadian players get now…we would be talking about the games he played in the NBA.

  55. KJS says:

    Legends for me are Eric Morgan, Grafton Hope, james Mallot and many of the already mentioned.

  56. chi says:

    what about whiteboy TIMMY JONES
    15 p 21 rebounds at jarvis all star game against michangan allstars
    he couod shoot ….pass and dunk on u
    too bad he got arrested for 90 charges in 2000

  57. mark scott says:

    Bobby Allen was the best player in his era. Former class mate played against him open gym. Has a lazer focus, great foot speed, way before you kno it He’s dunking over your head

  58. Pete Heran says:

    It’s hard to judge without knowing many of the other players however my vote goes to Shane Nicely. In the years he played for Forest Heights in Kitchener he dominated against everyone he played against. He packed the gym for every game and had the complete package from 3 point line to high flying dunks. In the early 90s I would have picked him over anybody. Basketball is a team game but one on one he was unstoppable and gave Forest Heights true basketball excellence.

  59. RJK says:

    I love the comments it brings back great memories.
    The Oakwood Barons in the mid to late 80s had the most exciting Dunker in the game…with a sweet outside shot Richard Stewart he could dominate.
    Marvin Russell “DOC” from the George Harvey Hawks was the dominant Big. I clearly remember in the early 80s George Harvey would put on the greatest pre game warmup in Toronto high school history. All fans would flood the Humber College classic high school tournament each year just to see them warmup and the Refs stayed in there change room until it was over or there would have been a riot. … Remember there was no ducking allowed in the warmups back then.

  60. Stephen sam says:

    Steve Grant Crdarbrae C.I

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