PHASE 1 to Launch First-Ever National Girls Basketball Camp



TORONTO, ON— NBA Global Ambassador and Toronto’s own NBA star Jerome Williams, with the support of Canada Basketball, is pleased to announce the PHASE 1 National Girls Elite1 Camp (NGE1). The first of its kind, the camp will be held from July 11-15, 2011 at the prestigious Balmoral Hall School for Girls in Winnipeg, MB. Only 33 spots are available in each category (determined by age), 3 categories in total.

“We want to make sure Canadian girls receive early exposure to their athletic competitors nationwide,” said Williams. “This is a long overdue opportunity for younger girls to learn from others across the country and together develop the elite level skills they will need at the next level.”

ABOUT NGE1 Camp: The event will bring girls aged 12-17 years together under one roof, a merging of basketball skills and athletic development.  Participants will benefit from priceless expertise under the coaching staff of Canadian women players from European professional, Canadian University and NCAA Division 1 teams, as well as former Toronto Raptor Jerome “JYD” Williams.  The week’s program will include:
· Fostering talents of aspiring professional basketball players through a 6 to 1 player to coach ratio.
· 6 hr daily sessions – twice the average session length provided in other Canadian camps.
· Professional assessment and individualized post-camp training program for each participant by renowned Sports Medicine Dr. Thomas Lam. $1,500 value
· Proprietary Phase 1 athletic training for elite performance through quality movements that reduce sports injury and enhance skill execution.  CLICK HERE FOR FOOTAGE FROM YEARS PAST
· Complete session fee $465 CDN+ applicable taxes; accommodations and meals extra.

ABOUT PHASE 1:  PHASE 1 is committed to developing elite level Canadian women players. Female and male alumni of PHASE 1 training are the who’s who of Canadian NCAA Division 1 basketball and pro ball players alike, such as Natalie Achonwa (led Notre Dame to the NCAA Finals this past season) and Wumi Agunbiade (Atlantic 10 Conference Rookie of the Year), who also is a coach at this year’s camp.
Athletes will participate in an integration of athletic development and education in the proactive prevention of sport injury.  Respected Canadian sports medicine practitioner Dr. Thomas Lam and his team from FITS Toronto, known for their work with elite level athletes, will share their knowledge and research in delivering athletic development sessions during the camp.

Balmoral Hall School has long been known for its proven success in fostering excellence in both academics and elite girls’ hockey.  Its campus has some of the best athletic facilities in the region.  “We are pleased to partner with the basketball community in developing elite girls’ basketball players,” said Tina Alto, Executive Director, “by providing our facilities for this remarkable camp and using PHASE 1 training in our basketball curriculum this upcoming year.  It is perfectly complimentary.”

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