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WATERLOO, ON–From April 30- May 1, 2011, the JUEL of Ontario league ran one of its weekly tournaments and its annual all star game, in which elite girls from all over the province came out to play. The following girl’s being evaluated stood out the most this weekend and proved that they are indeed, the JUEL leagues elite players.  

Annabel Hancock| 2012| 5’9| G| Ingersoll X-Plosion

Hancock plays a powerful offensive game. She is constantly attacking the basket, making shots and taking advantage of second chances opportunities, whether they are for her or her teammates. She also plays with a mindset of never giving up which is extremely prevalent through how hard she plays. One area Hancock needs to work on is her defense. Being able to keep up with opponents will make her a stronger player. She will be playing at the University of Western next september. 

Francesca Bellehumeur-Moya| 2011| 5’8| G| Ottawa Capitals

Bellehumeur-Moya is another great guard coming from the nations capital. She runs the point guard position well but can play shooting guard as well. She has great handles, loves to attack the basket even with her small frame, and has a soft touch on her shots taken from the outside. She also plays a great defensive game and because of her quick hands, picks up a lot of steals. Francesca will be attending the University of Windsor in September. 

Jose Ann Johnson| 2011| 6’3| F| Brampton Warriors

Johnson is a good post with great length. Her long arms and legs allow her to tower over competitors, grab rebounds on both ends, as well as block shots. She also has a consistent shot from the elbow. The way she uses her length reminds spectators of Baylor’s forward, Britney Griner. In order to strengthen her game, Johnson simply needs to be more aggressive in the post. She has committed to play at Duquense University next September, along side Canada’s own Wumi Agunbiade.

Kaili Lukan| 2012| 5’10| G| Barrie Royals

Lukan is an all around solid guard that can plays the point guard position well. She has great speed but is still able to control the ball while brining it up the floor, or driving to the basket. She is also able to control the pace of the game due to her speed. Teammates have no choice but to play a fast pace offense with her in the game. If Kaili is able to strengthen her shot she will be more of a versatile guard.

Jory McDonald| 2011| 6’2| F| Kingston Impact

McDonald is a good post player. When she does decide to make moves in the paint, her size and width give her a huge advantage against her opponents. She is a shy player in terms of taking shots but makes the few she does take. If Jory is able to improve her shot and take it more often, she will defintelt become a more versatile player overall. She will be playing at

Mariah Nunes| 2011| 5’10| G| Advantage Titans

Marian Nunes is an overall strong basketball player who loves to work hard on every single play she is involved in. Her vigorous defensive skills make her a force on defense. She is able to guard her opponents  well, causing them to continuously turn the ball over, giving her the opportunity to make easy baskets or set others up for offensive plays. Nunes has committed to play at Farleigh Dickinson University in September 2011. 

Kim Pierre-Louis| 2011| 6’0| F| Ottawa Nationals

Standing at 6’0, Kim Pierre-Louis is a force to be reckoned with. She is dominant both offensively and defensively. Her size allows her to clear the paint of opponents, giving her the chance to set herself up for post plays and easy baskets. With a career high of 23 points, Kim is definitely a player that can be trusted with the ball, taking it to the basket strong and constantly grabbing rebounds for second chance opportunities. She also has a great defensive game, with blocked shots and great rebounding. Her style of play can be compared to former Oklahoma State PF Courtney Paris, who played an amazing inside game. Kim has to play for the University of Massachusetts in the fall of 2011. 

Lindsay Shotbolt| 2012| 6’0| G| North Toronto Huskies

Shotbolt is a young guard with the ability to play basketball well. Her height gives her the ability to get in the paint and grab rebounds but she also dribbles and shoots relatively well giving her recognition as a guard. Lindsay is a hard worker on the court and never gives up on a play. With more time Shotbolt will be able to perfect her game but is definitely one of the stronger players in her graduating class.

Rashida Timbilla| 2011| 6’1| G/F| Ottawa Nationals

When Rashida Timbilla initially steps on the court, she seems like a very quiet player. Once she finds her comfort zone, she becomes unstoppable. Timbilla has lovely control of the basketball, whether it be on a fast break, or just brining the ball up to run a play. Her size gives her the ability to play in the post and dominate at the guard position as well. She also has great defensive skills, can get low, and can stop her opponents almost every time. She also has a consistent short range jumpers and is an offensive force averaging 10.1 points per game. Her style of play reminds me of a Candace Parker during her freshman year at the University of Tennessee. Rashida has committed to play along side teammate Kim Pierre-Louis at the University of Massachusetts in the fall of 2011.      

Dakota Whyte| 2012| 5’7| G| Advantage Titans

Dakota Whyte is a remarkable point guard. She has the ability to make plays for herself but most importantly, she can create and set up plays for teammates. With her ability to read the floor so well, she can find errors in an opposing teams defense and determine what areas to attack in order for her team to be successful offensively. She is a streaky shooter with amazing handles. She also has great leadership skills both vocally and physically. Dakota is only in the 11th grade but is receiving offers from schools like South Florida, Marquette and Iowa State.    

Honorable Mentions:

  • Alyssa Rowe (Durham Eclipse)
  • Jamie Hutchenson (Hamilton Transway)
  • Teleshia Riley (Brampton Warriors)
  • Kelly Ring (Ottawa Nationals)
  • Danielle Boiago (Blessed Sacrament)
  • Danielle Carriere (London Ramblers)
  • Shanice Baker (Durham Eclipse)

Written by Marian Agyei-Gyamera


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