Bozinovic Twin Towers Sign with the ‘Pack


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KAMLOOPS, BC–The Thompson Rivers University WolfPack, of Kamloops, BC, have announced two signings for the 2011-12 season – twin brothers, Blaz Bozinovic (6’10” centre) and Ivan Bozinovic (6’10” power forward). The twins played their high school basketball for the St. Ann’s Academy Crusaders in Kamloops under Coach Rob Larson. They helped the Crusaders to a 5th-place finish at British Columbia’s “A” Provincials in 2011, and they are now set to graduate from St. Ann’s in June.


This is a solid signing for Scott Clark, the head coach of the WolfPack, due to the fact that it will help to replace some, if not all, of the size that graduated player 7’2″ Greg Stewart (recipient of this season’s CIS Defensive Player of the Year Award) provided in 2010-11. Those are some big shoes to fill for the Bozinovic brothers, but their 6’10” frames and size 17 feet may just be able to manage that tall task. Blaz and Ivan are a year or two away from contributing at the CIS level, but are on the right track.

They’ve come a long way in the past few years, from being cut in grade 9 to starring for the Crusaders as grade 12’s. Their games have made major strides throughout their senior basketball playing days, with the help of Coach Larson at St. Ann’s and Basketball BC’s Regional Training Centre (RTC) in the Interior of BC. In terms of post-work, one of RTC’s coaches is Ryan Porter, a former All-Canadian post player at the collegiate level. Porter has helped the twins some when it comes to interior play.

Also showing interest in the twins was the University of Saskatchewan, but TRU’s facilities, academics, location, and coaching staff won out. It doesn’t hurt that there are some familiar faces at TRU, as each member of the coaching staff helped out in some capacity at the RTC the twins attended. TRU’s assistant coach, Del Komarniski, was the head coach who ran RTC; the WolfPack’s other assistant, Curt Dale, was an assistant coach at RTC; and, Scott Clark was seen at quite a few RTC sessions, observing the local talent. RTC was the first place that Clark noticed the big men.

The twins have really begun to develop athletic physiques and post games over the last year or so, and they still have potential to be tapped into. They do posses soft hands and good coordination for 6’10” players, as well as that uncoachable trait – size. Putting polish to their offensive inside games and bodies will be a must for Blaz and Ivan.

With room to grow as complete players, the twins have the potential to be, with hard work, a scary product once polished.


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